Last Day In Washington, D.C., Last Day of Tour

Danielle and Dorothy ponder each others level of snobbiness at a Snob soiree in NYC.Thursday is my last full day in Washington, D.C. and my last official day of The Snob East Coast Tour. I’ve met so many great people and readers, I’ve had so much fun, done so much networking, I almost don’t want it to end!

But alas, I am pooped!Between Harvard’s awesome Black Policy Conference, to meeting two of my favorite authors, Darius James and Cintra Wilson, to going to NYC to meet with the folks at Uptown and Essence Magazines as well as hang out at 30 Rockefeller Plaza with MSNBC’s Christina Brown and get a great tour of the facility from her and one of NBC’s wonderful pages, to go to Amateur Night at the Apollo and boo, to stand on the set of the Broadway Show “Hair” (which I’ll post footage of once I get back to St. Louis) and hear the gorgeous voice of Saycon — a member of the cast, to meet (and later interview) actor Joe Morton and discuss a future project myself and my tour guide/friend/producer/ace Dot are working on with him, to fulfill a dream and visit Washington, D.C. and see the monuments and meet wonderful folks like jazz enthusiast and historian Jim Byers and be able to call him a friend afterwards, to stay in a beautiful home on Capitol Hill and at Dot’s place in Arlington, to go on Nightline, meet the producers,  I have so many stories and so many more people I met. I wish I could gush them all out now, but I’m going to have to wait until I get back home and process what just happened here.

None of this, of course, could have happened without my friend Dorothy, who I’d never met UNTIL Boston, who I am working on a TV project with. So this tour wasn’t just about myself, but about the show Dorothy, I and several others are working on making a reality. But she has much better organizational skills than me and basically took on an almost managerial role the last month, scheduling meetings for me and contacts.

So this is to Dorothy and everyone else who made this trip awesome, from Margie to Hopi to Jada to Charles to Karen, to Dot’s roommate and sisters, to the random cabbies who got me where I needed to go out of Spanish Harlem. Thanks for making this possible and I WILL be back!

7 thoughts on “Last Day In Washington, D.C., Last Day of Tour

  1. That really was an awesome trip, wasn’t it? If you had a film crew, Danielle, a documentary could have been made of it. I’m really hoping this will finally catapult your career and lead to something substantial. Judging the results thus far, I think it will.

  2. I got to meet the ‘Snob’ while she was in NYC. I’m so glad I came out that night. And to think I wanted to stay in and watch the delicious Idris Elba on "The Office" Just kidding!!!!

  3. I’m glad you had a fantastic trip and hope to hear more about your interview with Joe Morton. I’d like to see Hair on Broadway, but I adore Joe!

  4. I’m glad that you had an awesome trip. Much love. I wanted to see hair myself

  5. Ms. D: I hope that you have settled and rested from your whirlwind, and I am especially glad that you were able to touch base with brother Charles. There are more shenanigans afoot! It is all unfolding! see you soon…

  6. I am soooooo bummed.I went to both DC B&Ps and saw neither hide nor luxurious hair of DB and her posse.I’ma have to wait till the next tour.

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