Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Nobody’s Perfect (O RLY?)

I still love him anyway. But presidential “swagga”? Really? REALLY? REALLY …

O RLY? Whhhhhhyyyyy? Are you kidding me? You’re freakin’ kidding me, right? This is a joke. Seriously, someone is playing a joke on me. They didn’t actually air this during the news day. Tell me the Riggle Sanchez made you do it. I never, ever want to see any kind of news story about any kind of political figure using slang terms from crappy Jay-Z songs ever again.


Got that, my little peanut butter cup?

19 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Nobody’s Perfect (O RLY?)

  1. What pissed me off the most was the that intro, "Swagga like Mick Jagga" and "Swagga is Swagger with more flava". I hate Maury Polvich and Jerry Springer. I probably spelled their names wrong, but keep in mind I hate them!

  2. Don’t shoot me… but I didn’t think it was that horrendous… kind of cute, actually. It got a few giggles out of me. Maybe I’m only saying that cause it’s TJ, lol.

  3. I thought the segment was horrible…. the 15 seconds I saw of it and I turned the channel. Cute is as cute does tj. You are making me think that you and chilli were on par intellectually. Just sayin.

  4. Just watched a clip of this on Huffpo and vomited in my mouth a little. That lady should never be allowed to say the word "Swagga" or be near a black person. Again. In life. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It wasn’t that bad….(as I watched through pryed fingers covering my face). I understand the idea behind the conversation- it’s true Pres. O has mad swagga (and so does TJ) but it’s a convo that should be discussed in thebarbershop rather than CNN. Ever since Black in America it’s like they want to dissect everything about black culture –and of course TJ seems to be the official national black issues correspondent. Overall I appreciate the effort but let’s not do this again.

  6. I couldn’t watch the whole clip. Seriously TJ? Maybe it was a private off-camera joke convo that accidentally went to air? Yuck.

  7. You can tell the anchor lady is sweet on TJ, and that was her clumsy attempt to schmooze.

  8. i saw the intro and changed the channel. That must hve been why i missed TJ but even he couldnt save that. UGH!I’m gonna let this slide tj but never again!

  9. OH NO THEY DIDN’T. He didn’t… She didn’t… Tell me PLEASE that this was a private OFF AIR convo that got picked up ‘accidentally’ and made public – please tell me this WAS NOT aired live – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  10. It wasn’t horrible but I don’t think it was appropriate. I agree that is was probably an off camera conversation that someone thought would air well on TV.

  11. Lawd, that man’s voice is so…mmm-mmm-MMM!!! Not gonna lie, I kinda tuned out the WORDS he was forming with that sweet voice of his, hahaha.

  12. This little excerpt on "swagga" wasn’t that bad. Okay, maybe it’s not news worthy considering the purpose of cnn is to give us real news, but hey, TJ was looking pretty damn fine!!!!

  13. i thought "swagger" was one of those hip terms where you’re actually supposed to emphasize the "-er" on the end… i don’t care too much for the term in either form, but i always felt, for the special case of this word, that there was a quiet dignified irony in the way people explicitly enunciate that terminating retroflex semivowel (that means "r" — from my days of phonology and phonetics research :)anyway, it took about 20 seconds before the cringe reflexes took over and i had the to stop the video… from what i did see, i think they were wrong.. Bill Clinton had the most swag of any prez, and that’s without adjusting for whiteness…

  14. Ok so this was kinda bad but I liked it better when TJ brought it up in his interview with the 100 black men. Bad term or not Obama does have ‘swagga’

  15. The segment wasn’t that bad, but it was missing one thing, historical context. Even in the modern definition of swagger, there are many presidents who had it. Keep in mind, I’m not referring to their politics, only their style and confidence. You can start back as far as Theodore Roosevelt he was full of bravado. Remember, "talk softly, but carry a big stick." No one can ever accuse Obama of yelling, but he has the power and uses when needed. Come forward a bit to Harry S. Truman. Look back at the photos of Truman, he was always clean! It’s a well known fact that Harry Truman was one of the best dressed Presidents of modern times. He also owned a haberdashery before he was a politician. That’s a men’s fine clothing boutique for those who may not be familiar with the term. Look at John F. Kennedy, need I say more? Bill Clinton had it too. He was first president since Truman to wear ventless suits in The White House. Certainly, Obama has it and it’s very evident for African-Americans because we look for it in a black man, but on a broader scale, he’s not the first. As Will Smith said in Men In Black, "I make this look good!"

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