Black Snob Sez: Michelle Is Bigger Than Oprah, Slips In Dated “Juice” Reference

Myself and ABC correspondent, Yunji de Nies Wednesday at Washington, D.C.’s Mayflower Hotel.If you missed all the fun you can watch the story here. Or read the story here!

PS. Saw D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty at the Cosi on 3rd and Pennsylvania today and completely froze. Had no clue or reference point on how I would introduce myself to the man, at random, at a chain restaurant. Very strange.

24 thoughts on “Black Snob Sez: Michelle Is Bigger Than Oprah, Slips In Dated “Juice” Reference

  1. I get the deer in the headlights syndrome. That’s mother nature protecting me from making a fool of myself. Hee, hee. You came off well in the interview, Danielle. People were wondering, "Who is this woman? She must be important. I better listen to her."

  2. Thanks for posting that. You were fabulous as usual and I don’t think the "juice" reference was too outdated. We’d hate for you to end up talking crapola about ‘swagga’ like your little reeses peanut butter cup, Mr. TJ Holmes did about her husband (and Shaft and Billy Dee).

  3. I’m mad that the cameraperson didn’t reposition your chair so we didn’t get only the side of your face. Sorry, that is the stageperson side in me. Other than that you did fine.

  4. Yea!!I agree with Simplyroses92 that "you gave some good quotables in there." Apparently ABC News thought so too b/c that article seems to have quoted you more than anyone.Congratulations!

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