The Black Snob To Be On Nightline on ABC Tonight!!!

Talkin’ bout Michelle Obama! With giant afro hair! Clips of my interview will air as part of a much larger story on Michelle O’s own First 100 Days. I’ll be watching myself through my fingers! I’m so excited! I’ll either be brill or sound crazy, there’s never any in-between with me. Yeah for me! Check your local listings! (Nightline)

53 thoughts on “The Black Snob To Be On Nightline on ABC Tonight!!!

  1. Snob:Ream the pundits, girl.PS check out my Specter post. My attempt at the impossible task of making Arlen look good…

  2. I don’t watch network or cable news so Iwon’t be watching you. I just hope that you are not of the Tavis Smiley or Juan williams type, or a few other I won’t mention, who are only invited on these tee-vee shows to criticize tehe President and First lady. And I am sure that you are aware that ABC, after Fox and CNN, is the next worst offenders in the march to assist the republicans in trying to undermine the President.But then again there are many many blacks who have no problems with what ABC, CBC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC (with the exception of three of their shows) and of course Fox are trying to do. They just want to see a black face on the tee-vee.

  3. I’m sure you’ll be at your snobbiest!!! SNOB for PRESIDENT!!! (or at least your own talk show!!)

  4. Congratulations! You look so cute in your picture. I remember sporting that hairstyle back in tha day. I am going to record and watch tommorow. Also wanted to say that as your site grows it only gets better.Hope you continue to find wonders and delights during your travels.Ciao!

  5. Yaaaaay!!! I’m so proud of you! I usually dont stay up that late but I may have to make an allowance for u….then again, ABC is notorious for recylcling stories so I may get to see it on Good Morning America or something…(I know I dont have cable.I refuse to pay Comcast those ri-dic-u-lous prices!).

  6. I seentchu girl! I didn’t even know. I’m like "is that…?" Came right over. Congrats!!!

  7. BRAVO!!! You did an EXCELLENT job! Articulate and well-informed and quite passionate hence the rapid speech at times but all well done. And yes she is bigger than Oprah, I particularly enjoyed that bit. It’s your time, keep shining girl.P.S. You rocked that fro girl!

  8. I just watched the segment online and you were FABULOUS!!! Loved how you looked (especially the fantastic hair) and loved everything you said and the way you said it. Very energetic and passionate and commanding!!! Very Well done!!! Hope this is the beginning of many many more!!!{{{Hugs}}}

  9. Girl you were awesome. I am sorry I missed it live. (The "horrormones" of pregnacy have me acting like a psychotic witch and quite frankly I am too tired after being so darn out of character all day. ) Again I say you were fabulous.

  10. I got up out of bed to see this; first I thought it would be a short brief appearance; but I was pleasantly surprised. You were cool and seemed so calm. A natural for TV; perhaps a future in tv? A fun show and I know you’re going to put the you tube up here when it comes out. Congratulations; your website stats must be off the charts…

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