The Snob Loves D.C.!

“I’m home!”

Washington, D.C. is truly the turducken of cities for me. As a politics/history/multi-culti fan-student I am, this is a place I’ve thought about visiting since I was a child. So, naturally, I was moved by every monument and building, happy to see every Negro I saw and went “squee” at every museum, old home and cafe.

So if my posts are a little erratic and sporadic this week it is because The Snob is winding down her tour in the city where the political sausage she dines on is made. Almost getting killed by the beads of yogurt in her Bubble Tea while she types. I’m just so happy and the weather is gorgeous. Even all the cops she’s encountered have been friendly! It’s like a Disney movie and every morning I’ve been Belle and I’ve danced and sung my way out of the townhouse I’m staying.

It’s awesome.

More (and better) pictures later!

15 thoughts on “The Snob Loves D.C.!

  1. You’re here? Awesome! If you’re by the White House, email me and show where DOI/State/George Washington and our side of the DC. Enjoy and don’t get too caught up in protests and touristy things.

  2. The shame of my life is that I’ve been "through" DC many times and never stopped to visit the monuments, buildings, etc.

  3. Welcome…welcome! You’ve picked the best time of year to visit. I know Dot has her favorite hangouts but if you want to see one of the best views in the city ask the guys at Charlie Palmer’s Steak (on Capitol Hill) if the roof is open…words cannot capture the vision. Enjoy! By the way, are you going to have a reader meet and greet like you did in NYC???

  4. I love Washington. Always have. Go to B.Smith’s at Union Station. Washington is just the best, and that was even when Bush was in power.

  5. I’m glad that you are pleased to be here. When I first got here I was as well. But it’s not about me. Washington is a wonderful place to visit. I’d visited several times since childhood on family, school and personal trips.It’s the museum of our country, the seat of government and the weather can be lovely.If more of the locals took in more of what the city has to offer culturally and the local government could really do what is necessary for the education of the young, the place would really be amazing.

  6. Yeah Snob in the house!CoSign on all the other suggestions. Also-Visit the National Archives to visit THE Constitution, THE Declaration of Independence and THE Bill of Rights. The National Zoo & all the Smithsonian Museums are also FREE FREE FREE!!!I love taking visitors to the monuments at night. Jefferson & Lincoln at night are very romantic! Get down to the Waterfront for the best darn seafood in the whole wizzy-wide world!!!and a heaping side of the local flava you may or may not be prepared for.Consider Lauriol Plaza for frozen swirly drinky-drinks on the deck if the evening weather is nice But you MUST go to one of the Busboys & Poets regardless. Drive or bike the scenic GW Parkway across the Potomac in VA & Rock Creek Park in DCunofficial happy hour spot for SCAN staffers & interns is @ Park at 14th& WELCOME TO DC!!

  7. See if you can be only the 3rd special black person and get a free half-smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street

  8. We visited again a few weeks ago. It was so fun!! People are so friendly and helpful.~We stayed at a townhouse too, during our stay, and the convenience and comfort of a real house was invaluable!~Mary Pickford Theater (part of the Library of Congress) screens free classic films/documentaries, etc.~Be sure to visit the Eastern Market [it’s on the Blue and Orange Lines] and get some of their fabulous and unique ravioli. Or just stop by for a quick sandwich.~ Forget the bus system (you’ll be waiting), forget driving. Walking and catching the Subway are your more convenient modes of transportation.~ I know it’s touristy, but go see Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. The likenesses are better than I thought they would be. And yes, they have a figure of Obama standing in a replica of the Oval Office. The friendly lady with the braids at the front counter came downstairs and sang along with Beyonce’s wax figure. That was a sight.~ The redheaded lady at the Double Decker Tour counter in Union Station is going through a divorce and she’s a little sensitive. So just be aware of her feelings if you go there.

  9. Oh yeah, and the squirrels there have never met a stranger, so watch your pretzel.

  10. Welcome to DC!Checkout Lauriol Plaza – the BEST Mexican Restaurant . . . Salmon a la Parilla with Shrimp is my favorite! Mojitos – to die for! This place is always packed!Checkout Busboys & Poets . . 14th and V, great ambience – you’ll love it there! The U Street corridor has a lot of happening spots!Checkout Next Door – it’s right besides Ben’s Chili Bowl – the executive chef is Chef RocK Harper – the black chef who won season 3 of Hell’s Kitchen. Next Door is owned by the owners of Ben’s Chili Bowl – great sports bar and great restaurant: you having a meet and greet in DC? Would love to meet you! Enjoy this beautiful city, there is no other place on earth like Washington D.C. !Racquel

  11. "Washington, D.C. is truly the turducken of cities for me." I love that. I’m a transplanted DC metro lover from KS and that phrase is a perfect, simple description.

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