Usher Raymond Tries to Execute the “Pop-in” on the Obamas (O RLY?)

From Gawker:

So this morning, Usher just showed up at the White House, apparently uninvited, and he and his entourage just walked in the northwest gate. But President Obama wasn’t home.

Informed that Obama had just left for Iowa and wouldn’t be inside, the singer seemed disappointed.

“He did?” he said.

What an odd story! Usher just came over for a chat, apparently. And there is an open door-to-R&B superstars policy, at the White House, even when the President is a thousand miles away. At least Tiger Woods and the White Sox were actually invited.

Politico has even more.

Pop sensation Usher entered the northwest gate of the White House largely unnoticed around 10:30 a.m. He was accompanied by a small entourage, including a body guard wearing dark shades.

Usher, sporting a suit and tie, told POLITICO that he’s at the White House today to discuss malaria in Africa and other global issues with staff.

Wow, Usher must really have it bad for the president (and malaria in Africa, not necessarily a bad thing). I mean, what do you do when you’re up in the house and you want to call your friends but all you can think about is going to the White House to talk about Africa? I’m sure he rolled up nice and slow to the gate and asked if he could have it “my way” with the Obamas, but the secret service was probably all, “Dude, you’re making me wanna pull out this taser I’m with and tase you. That’s what you’re making me wanna do. Thinkin’ I’m reckonin’ your stalking is making me, making me, you make me.”

Yeah. That must have burned.

O RLY, Usher? O RLY?

23 thoughts on “Usher Raymond Tries to Execute the “Pop-in” on the Obamas (O RLY?)

  1. Someone needs to school him on protocol. Usher, no matter how chummy things seem between you and the president, Obama is still the leader of the free world and you should respect that. Have your assistant call to make an appointment in advance, and don’t wear out your welcome after you arrive. The man has to get up early in the morning for work. And don’t wear those baggy pants with the boxers hanging off your behind. And don’t bring any cheap liquor with you either (Don Perignon is fine), or your rowdy entourage.

  2. LOL, i see what you did, adding usher single’s into the story. very clever. usher ‘should have called’ before arriving,instead he got ‘burned’..okay i’ll stop now.

  3. Maybe if Usher donated some money to the DNC he could have stayed overnight in the Lincoln bedroom.

  4. Wow, Ush. You really thought you could just moonwalk into the White House WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT?! Like the President just has extra time to pop ‘n lock with you? Everytime I start to laugh, I start to feel the embarrasment and awkwardness that I know he felt. hee hee *pang of shame* And now the whole world knows! ha ha ha *shake my head*

  5. Usher is taking "we got one of our own in the White House" a little too literally. Nerve of this dude thinking he can’t stop by anytime he wants, sans appointment. Who de ‘ell ‘e tink ‘e iz, Elvis Presley!? The Secret Service don’t fire warning shots, he better recognize!

  6. It took a lot of hubris for him to just stroll into the White House like that. Obama needs to let brothers and fellow celebs know that they should not get too comfortable. There has to be some boundaries. I can’t just walk into my own brother’s house without at the minimum knocking on the door and announcing myself.

  7. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. Poor Usher. I don’t know how he got that big ego of his through the front door in the first place but I bet it’s deflated now.P.SThat owl kills me every time.

  8. These are MY confessions:I have thought Usher was ridiculously arrogant for the longest-still not sure why. Why would such an important, well-educated, powerful man want to spend time discussing international policies with an R&B singer? Play your position Ursh. Good post snob!

  9. This is weird…also there are very few people I will let into my house who haven’t called first

  10. People, let me apologize for another one of my ignant cuzinshe don’t no no betta.The white house aint’ like a nightclub, son! Not a good look.

  11. Dang Usher… show some respect. LOL at all the song titles in the post. I totally caught on to that. I was all like OMG, you’re pretty slick, Snob.

  12. Mortifying. I didn’t even know Usher even cared about malaria. Dude was tryna steal a photo opp but seemed to forgot that this is THE WHITE HOUSE! Idiot.

  13. 3 days later, I’m still giggling at BuenaventuraAvenue’s comment. I keep imagining of Obama and "Ursher" in a pop’n’lock danceoff in the Oval Office…LMAO

  14. ROTFL! WOW! Did he really think he was that important to just pop up at the White House without an appointment or nothing? Even if Pres. Obama was there, do you think he would drop everything to talk to him? Usher needs to get over himself and realize he’s not anymore important than regular citizens. I guess he was thinking "u don’t have to call" to get into the White House. Love this post Snob. I’m going to be laughing at this for a while.

  15. wow yall are some jelous haters how yall know dat man ddint call ahead and if he didnt yall blowin way at of paprtion grow up and get off his back cause yall know deep down yall love him

  16. A man never visits the home of a married woman, without giving the heads up to the husband. Thems the ghetto rules Usher.

  17. Okay I am slow I know b/c I had not heard this story until now so forgive me. And I only have one question……….How the hell he make it that damn far to even get into the White House without proper invite/clearance? We are talking about the White House people…hello? They tackled a man down who was shooting at the white house outside the gate a few years back like he was a Linebacker! And his ass was at least a 100 yards. Someone tell me what am I am missing here? Please b/c either someone ain’t on their J O B or Usher got serious "top secret" clearance connections. Damn you can just ride up in there like that? If so then please pray harder for the Obamas b/c the security officer who let them in need to be fired on the spot. We talking about national security here, I don’t care who Usher is. He still could have a person who want to harm the president among him . I was in the military, and you cannot even walk/ride up to a post like that. You ass will be outside the gate, and shown the way back from which you came. Damn shame! I am mad as hell now. WHAT THE HELL?!

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