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Author/entertainment journalist Darius James and myself in New Haven, CT welcome you to our sick, little world.I’ve had an influx of new readers of late (could it be that TJ Holmes post on his engagement? All signs point to “YES!”), so I feel the need to say hello. Plus, I want to welcome all the folks I met at Harvard’s Black Policy Conference who have been friending me on Facebook and stopping by.

Please, feel free to dig deep through the blog’s archives. I’ve got some good, gooey nougat of info in there as any long time reader can tell you.

Like, The Limits of Blackness: Where the shit is even “too black” for you sometimes; Doomed Romance: because maybe you feel like reading about someone else’s messed up love life; The Chip On My Shoulder Is A Boulder: The Stories of Mothers and Daughters — many of those stories crazy depressing; Incognegro: A joke series about people who either look white but are black or are part black; black conservatives on Obama: my award-winning political series from last year; my love of “B-Boys;” defining and re-defining what a “sell-out” is; my “Google Stalking” of TJ Holmes; the currently under reconstruction “Great Wall of Sexy;” celebrating hot news people and hot TV pundits; the fashion of Kanye West; every Beyonce post that has started some kind of fight; my torturing of people with Nick Cannon and Mariah Cary and more and more and more!

And don’t forget all the madcap hilarity of The Secret Council of American Negroes, The Snob’s parody site about our most secretive organization pushing the so-called “black” agenda.

Until then, The Snob will mostly be liveblogging her trip which is now on its second leg in New York where I’m meeting with other writer, journalist and entertainment types and making connections. If you’re just here looking for the bag I was carrying this weekend (the infamous “I Am Not Stuck Up … hate BET” bag)click here.

Happy reading!

The Snob

6 thoughts on “Welcome Newbies!

  1. I love how you’ve got the book I gave you on Joseph Campbell tucked behind Darius’ book, this whole trip is def a Hero’s Journey 🙂

  2. Darius James is OFF THE HOOK!!! That Negrophobia is one of the wildest reads around – if you are up for some experimental metafiction with a chocolate flavor, this is hard to beat.

  3. @ TiredOfI did go back and fix the links to reflect those on the new site and not take you back to the old one. Hopefully that’s what you were looking for?

  4. Danielle, there is a problem with your post on Condi Rice. It opens when you click on it, but then the screen goes blank. That may also be why you have no comments to that post. Thanks.

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