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  1. LOL on the high ponytail bit. I’m no fashion expert but when you’re in casual clothes, like playing ultimate frisbee or something, it’s totally fine. The shirt is cute, I’m a baseball styled shirts in general.

  2. I love the high ponytail, it brings out your face….when will you be updating on your nyc event?

  3. Snob:I am 46 years young and have dreads down to my waist. I proudly rock my high ponytail ( along with my two inch hoop earrings) at work, play and anywhere else I please. I look good doing it; and, I have a mile-high forehead as well. So; If I can do it, you can too. It’s a matter of having confidence in your sense of style.Now, do the damn thing!!

  4. Aww, I should jet (ahem – drive) up to NYC to hang out… Probly won’t though. But will be there in spirit. Holla at me when your travels bring you to Philly 🙂 I’m going to keep wearing my hair in a high ponytail for as long as it still looks cute on me. Which it does. But I will say, the more body the better.

  5. Help that sista out, yall! I’m sure if everyone gave $10, Danielle wouldn’t have to hold these telethons anymore. Starting today, we’re going to try to raise One Million dollars. Yes, it’s possible, especially if some rich benefactor anonymously donates a million dollar check. Are you listening, Donald Trump?

  6. The ponytail looks good! I’m not at all familiar with rules of fashion, and I think that stuff is totally subjective and ridiculous anyway. Your lower ponytail in the picture above looked good too. I’m sad that the video cut out, what else were you going to say?

  7. Ok. Whew! I’m older than you Snob and I raced to the comments to see if someone closer to my age was saying yes. So- Good looking out Culinary chick! I bet you do rock it!!I’m all blindsided with this topic thinking- I’ve never heard this rule. Is this a thing? Really? Am I a walking faux pau like Girl- look her old a** with that high ponytail!!! See, I like my ponytail when I rock it low or high and I would like to know if I have been obliviously uncouth. Although its not like I would stop… jus sayin

  8. The ponytail’s looking good, I think it fits you. I don’t think it’s so much age as personality or whatever. As for the "rule" it really depends. There’s a whole bunch of other lame rules like that, like don’t wear black with brown, or black with blue, or don’t wear horizontal stripes because they make you look wider/ bigger. It all depends. I go against them all the time, lol.

  9. A high ponytail is generally reminiscent of youth and/or informality, so it can bring those elements to whatever one is wearing.It can make business wear funky/hip if it’s worn neat, almost like a chignon that decided not to tuck under.It can make formal wear dreamy/fairy tale-ish if worn loose and curly with tendrils floating at the temples. A high ponytail is a fun, casual statement that can work well if everything else you have on is age-appropriate. Think of it as a funky/youthful accessory in your fashion arsenal.

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