Jeeeeel-ous? The Snob Gets Jamal Simmons All to Herself (For About Five Minutes)

The Snob and the incredibly handsome (and masculine enough to rock the pink shirt with confidence), Democratic consultant and smart guy, Jamal Simmons.Aw yeah.

And he’s super nice in person, funny, sweet, charming and even better looking. He sat at my table during Michael Eric Dyson’s keynote speech right across from me.

He inquired about the blog (which he admitted to having read a few times) and we had a great chat about punditry, politics, blogging, fans, stalker fans, TJ Holmes, CNN and other bits of randomness that I can’t go into because it is all strictly hush-hush and on the QT and between me, myself and Jamal.

Who, as I said, is awesome. And I thought it was cute how he did the whole “gradual realization” thing of who I was, when I was PRETTY SURE he knew who I was from the minute I said, “Hi, my name is Danielle Belton and I write the blog ‘The Black Snob.'”

But hey, you gotta play ’em cool, daddio. I get it.

Chiggity-check-out the vlog on our meeting after the jump!

9 thoughts on “Jeeeeel-ous? The Snob Gets Jamal Simmons All to Herself (For About Five Minutes)

  1. Yes, quite jel… he is my fav pundit, I mean Jamal is FINE, SEXY & ARTICULATE! Does he have a bro. better yet a twin? lol.On Dyson "say my name", LOL, LOL!Rock on Snob.

  2. There’s one thing which begs the question: Who are these so-called "stalker fans?" I think that deserves a post by itself. It sounds hysterical.

  3. Snob, you know I love you girl, but you need to stay away from Jamal Simmons! He will be mine one day…lol. No, but for real, you are doing a wonderful job with the log!!

  4. Great to see you had such a great trip and made such great contacts and connections with people. Thanks for sharing….I can see your star is rising.

  5. Yall have no idea, she did so well at the conference and rocked her panel. Had the crowd in stitches one minute and pensive another. Kept the suits on their toes and real all at the same time. Was powerful to watch. Rest assured, there are so many good things to come!

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