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  1. Danielle, you actually have a sexy voice and a lot of feminine charm, and an alluring quality to you. And your hair is very nice and probably your best feature. I think it’s only a matter of time before you start achieving a level of success commensurate to your talents.

  2. You seem so much more relaxed. It takes time to get comfortable on camera directing yourself but you are getting there. Your flow–your humor is back mirroring your writing humor. "The boobs must be bigger than the waist"–LMAO. Dr. Oz might start saying that. As for the hair, it is perfect. It looks like virgin hair, right? It’s what God/The Divine gave you. I love that you can’t see through it—it’s thick, and dense, and complicated–like you. It’s rare and coveted. I love Oprah’s thick hair too but you have more and don’t require weave for the effect. Our people need to see someone with an authentic head of hair that is not adulterated. Thanks for showing us "realness". Thanks for showing us unapologetic natural essence in the struggles with your hair as well. For me, my hair only becomes a struggle when I forced it to do hairstyles to look like others. I have will and the hair has will. Sometimes I would win like we all do but then the hair fights back and stop showing up. I realized I wanted to live a life with edges of hair so I stopped fighting it. That is why I can tell you honor your hair to let it win when it wants to. You are beautiful without the hair and beautiful for not forcing it to be tamed and arrested. The human struggles while the hair resists to be itself and yours resists to be itself beautifully no matter what you think. People only get to see written blogs about it but people never get to hear and see to touch a woman in media talk about it. That’s one paradigm shift there in itself that shows dimension others refused to do and could have done. Thanks., Danielle.

  3. Totally agree with Andrea, you and your hair are fabulously real. Hope you’re having a great day. Keep up the vlogging.

  4. @ Lady MIt was very frustrating to have a fan base who would actually do shit like write in to defend me from critics or compare me to humorist Dave Barry and have my bosses not "get it." I got fan mail. Real fan mail. I would present it to my bosses as most journalists are used to hate mail and mail from guys in prison. I was in demand all over town, did almost all my own promotion and they still just didn’t care. I mean, it sounds fucked, but I think it was my lack of penis and lack of whiteness. I think they always figured I’d leave Bakersfield therefore was not worth the investment only to build me up so I could move on to a bigger paper. Alas, that’s how it works for a lot of white male writers, only they don’t seem to mind inflating their ego. I will credit my paper though for indulging me in my creative ideas. They very rarely said no to my insane stories and encouraged my creativity.They just didn’t want to acknowledge at only 28, I was the most popular columnist at the paper at one point.I, for five minutes, started to doubt myself, but the blog validated my point all along — I was a great humor columnist/satirist and political writer and they were clueless as to what to do with me. I still love my old paper, but … clueless when it came to me in those early years.@ AllThanks about the hair. It is natural (mom’s attacked it with the pressing comb again. No way her baby was going to "Harvard" with her curly ‘fro. Sigh. But I submit to it, so what does that say?) That said, I think mom’s did a good job, as always. She’s cheaper than a beautician and a miracle worker.My natural hair is shorter (of course) and ever curlier and wavy on the top. I believe I have complained about the consistency of the curls before (they make no fucking sense — it’s a damn international DNA gangbang up there) and have expressed some jealously of women who have the face to "rock the baldy," like my baby sister.I tried to get her to go bald. I really did. She has a fro.I honestly don’t know which is easier or harder to maintain — natural curls I have to wet everyday and style, but it only takes 30 minutes with two hours of maintenance a month or a press-n-curl which can last a month for me if I don’t mess with it too much and takes me two minutes to style in the morning, but takes six hours or more in a maintenance two day marathon session of washing and pressing a month.Sigh. Baldy, why can’t we make it work?That said, I do love my hair and do think it is one of my best features so a lot of this is just bitching. I will put up with the drama for the benefits of having huge ass hair, whether curly or straight.

  5. You were great, Snob. And add me to those who love your hair. Why is hair so important to us? Sigh.

  6. So wait. I should CLICK on the advertisements? Hmm…Good Stuff.Enjoy New York! No Philly pass through on the way to D.C.? Stop in for a pretzel? No? Ok. **sadness**

  7. i love your blog but hardly ever comment, because between a husband, four kids, and still working in a newsroom i can only read and post at ungodly hours, like, say, 5:54 a.m…had to make an exception to tell you that i am so stealing ‘i love you alive’ — if only to give friends and family serious pause. hilarious.

  8. Less body in the hair. Maybe wear it up like Sarah Palin with the glasses. I’m a dude by the way. 🙂

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