The Snob

Vlogging the East Coast Trip (Danielle’s Journal)

Chiggity-check out me talking in my exhaustaed, banal, Midwestern accent about being broke and having tomato soup for lunch.

Because that’s how I roll.


6 thoughts on “Vlogging the East Coast Trip (Danielle’s Journal)

  1. Kem says:

    You go Danielle, have a fantastic time in Boston. I guess I missed it, but what is the purpose of your trip to Boston and all of your fabu outfits 🙂

  2. dukedraven says:

    Enjoy your trip, Danielle, and absorb as much as you can. You may never go back to Boston again. That’s usually the case when I travel.

  3. starrie says:

    i do hope you’re enjoying your stay in my town snob…and i’m sorry things like food are expensive…just one of the many reasons i’m ready to leave the state….

  4. Come on Snob you’ve got to live up to your name. You know Fiji water is even more haute than Evian. And I hope you left your server at least $2!!

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