New Snob Gear: The Serious Motto

Some of our Snobs are more serious than others, hence the creation of the “serious,” f’reals Snob motto: We aren’t better than each other, but we should want to be better people. (In three different styles.)

This is something I, as an intellectual snob, actually believe. F’reals. That we should strive for greater knowledge even if that knowledge contradicts our own beliefs. That that through education and creativity we will eventualy find salvation. We will become better people by being better people, not just thinking we are better, but doing the hard work to make ourselves better.

Let folks know you’re down with the motto on tees, bags, hats and mugs on the Cafepress site.

7 thoughts on “New Snob Gear: The Serious Motto

  1. I want one! And I agree (as I sit in a classroom with my people… fighting to maintain my standards in the midst of coddling and patronizing by those that are most dominant in the school and our general culture) WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

  2. I totally concur. For those who have the extra dinero (We know who you are, you tell us all the time on your posts), git your behinds to the Cafepress pronto.

  3. I soo support the new slogan! I love the other one (the BET hating one) but I would actually rock this one. Yaay!

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