Shippin’ Up to Boston

Don’t watch if you ever plan on watching either “The Departed” or the original Hong Kong masterpiece, “Infernal Affairs.” Also, don’t watch if you can’t take the Dropkick Murphy’s and people getting shot in the head. I love Martin Scorsese New York version of Boston! Don’t know if it matches the Boston version of Boston.

The Snob is here! In Boston! (And still can just barely use her new camera) so you’ll have to bear with me. I’m not to this particular woman’s skill set yet in taking pictures of yourself with a timer and a digital camera.

Me attempting to take a picture of Dane and I as no one was around the bus station to assist us at the time. (Note to self, take off Coke Bottle Lenses in pictures)My trip was smooth (way to go AirTran!) and I slept through most of it. Due to the help of a handsome gentleman named Dane with United Airlines (who likes to cook himself some cordon bleu and knows the public transit system well), I found the hotel with ease. Dane, a 30 year career employee with United was adorable, but I resisted the urge to hit on him once he said “30-year-career” and I realized he could be Papa Snob and was all squicked out by the prospect.

Older guys are always interesting until I think of them meeting my dad and I imagine them talking about the Cardinal’s game. Then all the sexy rapidly melts away and it’s just two old dudes lying to each other for fun.

(More after the jump!)

$5 Fiji water anyone? Room temp. Very tastely looking!My room is awesome. It’s small, but I love it. It’s well decorated with everything you could need. The sheer number of pillows on the bed are calling my name as we speak. (I’ll probably take a nap after this.)

I even have a bit of a view! Of sorts.

Oh yeah. Epic.

That said, two serious questions for the day:

Is the race issue in Boston as bad as the reputation?

And …

Obama is in Mexico as we speak. Are you worried about Mexico becoming destabilized from drug cartels?

Snob’s answers: 1) Don’t know. Not from here. Always grew up hearing Boston was as bad or worse than St. Louis and St. Louis is town where the Civil War never really ended.

2) Hell yes. If you have to send THE MILITARY to deal with your drug problem your democracy is under threat. The military has a very different function from the police. If you’re under military control you’re not living in a Republic or a Democracy anymore.

And to me, Mexico is the AIG of countries. That sucker is too big to fail. If it goes we’ve got more people fleeing violence and poverty across the border into the US, rapidly changing demographics (this is good or bad depending on how you feel about Mexican Americans being the majority ethnicity. I, for one, welcome our new Mexican overlords.) But seriously. Too many impoverish, violence plagued border people, plus war between the cartels and the government, plus our government at war with those same cartels trying to keep violence down here equals destabilization of OUR government and … um … America has survived a lot of shit. I don’t know if we’d come out too good in the collapse of Mexico. And I don’t want to see President Obama be forced to make some crazy ass decisions because their demise could be our own.

You know? Like open fire on people at border entrances. The shit that looks REALLY BAD on television and makes everyone hate you, but in the scheme of horrible things to come could actually happen.

We’ve got a lot of resources in America, but not enough to take care of our own AND Mexico’s poor.

I’ve got a solution to all this. Bob Marley once sang about it. My Libertarian friends will clue you in.


Did we learn NOTHING from the prohibition of alcohol? You can’t legislate morality. You can only try to control the bad shit. Like make drunk driving laws because people are just going to drive drunk no matter WHAT YOU DO. So you protect the other guy. Yeah, I think it would be logistically a nightmare to figure out HOW to handle the legalization of certain street drugs and their distribution, but we distribute cigarettes, OxyContin and alcohol. We lost the moral high ground a long, long time ago.

7 thoughts on “Shippin’ Up to Boston

  1. I really liked "The Departed." At first I thought Dane was your cousin or brother. He and you favor one another. Be careful of those wardrobe malfunctions. Mama ain’t gonna like that.

  2. Is the race issue in Boston as bad as the reputation?YEP.I come from what is considered the most segregated city in the USA (Chicago), and sadly, Boston reminded me of home more than any other northern city. And …Obama is in Mexico as we speak. Are you worried about Mexico becoming destabilized from drug cartels?YES YES YES YES YESMexico is a drugocracy. The way that Russia was run by the mafia, post -Communism, Mexico is run by drug cartels.

  3. Snob: I’m so happy for you. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip! I completely agree with your thoughts on Mexico

  4. Boston imagines itself to be much more progressive than it really is.But is it a racist city? The racism here is a different brand or strain of racism. The White majority in the city would totally deny they ever harbored ill will toward people of color. But, to a person, they (a.) don’t know a single black or brown person outside of work, (b.) don’t associate with people of color if it’s possible, and (c.) completely avoid the three neighborhoods that happen to house the city’s African-American minority population. I guess the best way to put it is, Boston is much more segregated than it is racist. It’s changed a ton since the horrid Busing Crisis to the Charles Stuart muder case period. But that’s only becuase the town’s ethnic groups have become more seperated.It’s a great place to be white. But anything else, not so much.

  5. Technically, Peter Tosh really sung that song (and I know there’s many bands who’ve covered it, like UB40) but I get the point you were trying to make.You’re right though, the only reason the US and Mexico are in the position we are in today w/ drug violence is because of drug prohibition. If you make a substance illegal, you’re just handing the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of that substance over to people who don’t respect the law. Sadly, because there are so many people w/ power and influence who makes money off of our "War on [Some] Drugs" or " Prohibition II" (e.g. private prisons, law enforcement, and Big Pharma to name a few), we never seem to learn that lesson.Libertarians aren’t the only ones who think legalization is a good idea, mainly people w/ a brain. Legalize, regulate, and tax it. It’s the only way. Enjoy yourself in Boston, Snob.

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