Last Post From the Bat Cave, I Mean “Fortress of Snarkitude”

This will be my last post until I hit the road in search of knowledge and free wii fii tomorrow as I embark on my East Coast trip to Harvard and beyond.

(Don’t throw up. Don’t throw up!)

I’m a wee nervous. The flying. The being so far from home. The fact that I’m doing this so soon after getting out of the hospital, but this one is for me and my career. I NEEEEEED this. And I have both the fortitude, wardrobe and meds for it.

I will be staying in touch and popping in. I even have a camera now! So I can attempt to take pictures, audio and video of things. We’ll see about getting some of that panel up on the blog!

Wish me and Dorothy (my creative partner) luck. I’m off to meet her in Oz. Hopefully I won’t have to fall on some witch and fight a pointless war when I get there.

But I hope I get those shoes. Those shoes were nice.

Very nice.

PS. Wish me luck and be nice to the guest bloggers who help out while I whine about dull shizz like airport security and which sedative to take to fly without vomiting.

10 thoughts on “Last Post From the Bat Cave, I Mean “Fortress of Snarkitude”

  1. Good luck and have fun! Maybe eating/drinking will make the flight easier. Just like those kind of cliche movies, I ate peanuts like crazy on my first flight. Hope all goes well :]

  2. Snob, Most Panera Bread’s have free wi-fi. You can get 2 hours of wi-fi at Starbucks if you buy one of their cards and buy something on it at least once every 30 days. Some Mickey D’s have free-wi-fi but you have to buy an arch card and probably buy something. Also, for some reason some Safeway’s have free wi-fi. Oh and Fortresss of Snarkitude, I LOVE IT!Good luck and let us know where you are appearing in DC.

  3. Knock ’em dead! A decent bloody mary (spicy) or margarita always puts me in the right frame of mind for a flight. But no alcohol after takeoff or you’ll get dehydrated!Good luck!

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