Hustlenomics: The Rush Card

Oh, Russell. Is there anything you won’t sell? You practically have a PhD in Hustlenomics. Hell, you might have helped invent it. And Kiki! Is that YOU in the ad lending your grinning, ex-supermodel face? I’ll cut you some slack because we all know you probably took that photo from the window of the car as you circled through the drive through while picking up your monthly check from Russ. That said, the card has some … um … hidden drama according to critics, in the form of $50 a year in fees. (Source: The Takeaway)

4 thoughts on “Hustlenomics: The Rush Card

  1. At least they aren’t payday loans hustled by Magic (loan sharks give better APRs)

  2. Kimora is so not serious flashing that big honking sparkler on her finger with a darn Rush card in hand.

  3. @ Chris and SierraI also love how cheap this all is from one of the richest men in NYC. (Did he get Madolffed or something. One pic straight up says "stock photo" on it!)Oh, Kiki! Why? LOL. God, I love her tackilicious ass. Seriously. You know she complained the whole five seconds it took to get that shot, showed up late and left early. I’m going to put up a screen capture.

  4. Who would want this? If anyone signed up for this card I do hope that they read the fine print. I see and hear the commercials all of the time, from Michael Baisden on down targeting unsuspecting and unknowledgeable consumers.

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