Day: April 16, 2009


Don’t watch if you ever plan on watching either “The Departed” or the original Hong Kong masterpiece, “Infernal Affairs.” Also, don’t watch if you can’t take the Dropkick Murphy’s and people getting shot in the head. I love Martin Scorsese New York version of Boston! Don’t know if it matches the Boston version of Boston.

The Snob is here! In Boston! (And still can just barely use her new camera) so you’ll have to bear with me. I’m not to this particular woman’s skill set yet in taking pictures of yourself with a timer and a digital camera.

Me attempting to take a picture of Dane and I as no one was around the bus station to assist us at the time. (Note to self, take off Coke Bottle Lenses in pictures)My trip was smooth (way to go AirTran!) and I slept through most of it. Due to the help of a handsome gentleman named Dane with United Airlines (who likes to cook himself some cordon bleu and knows the public transit system well), I found the hotel with ease. Dane, a 30 year career employee with United was adorable, but I resisted the urge to hit on him once he said “30-year-career” and I realized he could be Papa Snob and was all squicked out by the prospect.

Older guys are always interesting until I think of them meeting my dad and I imagine them talking about the Cardinal’s game. Then all the sexy rapidly melts away and it’s just two old dudes lying to each other for fun.

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