What To Wear … Answered! With Pictures

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The wonderful, craptastic $5 Target skater punk shoes I wear everyday. The everlasting symbol of how hard The Snob fell fashion-wise when THIS became the signature item. It looked good with an all black uniform at Macy’s while sweater folding.

Last week I wrote about not having any clue what I would wear to the conference, interviews and functions … problem solved!

Here’s a sampling. The rest are on my Facebook page!

Off-white scarf with old teal Old Navy stretch turtleneck, Mossimo jeans and my new Jones New York Trench Coat and off-white canvas purse with wooden handles.Black and white dress from Dress Barn with short “swing” style jacket and red mock croc clutch.Dusty rose layered blouse (from Target) with khaki suit and brown beads from Macy’s.DNKY Jeans blouse with NY Collection wrap from Macy’s.“Kimono” Asian-inspired blouse by Hype (it’s old as hell) with black pants set and jacket from The Limited (also old as hell)

Now on to world hunger.

20 thoughts on “What To Wear … Answered! With Pictures

  1. I have that exact color and style shirt from target….it was either 4.95 or 6.95 when I bought it last week on clearance. I LOVE it. the color and material really softens my look……(so used to black ) you have great taste snob 😉

  2. I love your taste! You may say it’s old as hell, but the first thing I thought when I saw that Hype blouse is "ooh,where can I get that?"

  3. @ ChristinaI found that blouse in a Marshall’s about five years ago and had to have it. Then I got too fat to wear it. I’ve now FINALLY lost enough weight to comfortably raise my arms with ease and zip it up again. The fabric is just gorgeous. It’s flattering and femme. Bright and powerful. I LOVE it.

  4. That Asian-inspired blouse is my fav. Totally loving it. Where is the footwear for the clothing?

  5. @ PoliticallyIncorectI’m 31, look 25 and the clothes are all from the moderates section of Macy’s, Marshall’s, Old Navy, Barrington Coat Factory and Dress Barn. I’m not really seeing it, but okie doke.

  6. Nice choices. Not sure how old you are (re:pi’s comment) however your choices are classic, professional and suit the occasion (dude- she can’t wear babyphat @ Harvard forum).You know you’re headed in the right direction when you have an outfit that would look as good on Michelle O as it would on Malia O. Timeless. Ageless. Beautiful.as for the shoes. I’m sure you rock them well.

  7. Listen, it’s okay to shop at Target for clothes (referring to your shoes). There’s no shame in being poor, only in dressing poorly. "Make it work, girl!"

  8. Wonderful outfits. Don’t forget to take little packets of Woolite or Tide or a little bottle of Febreeze because you never what might happen.

  9. Just don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions, that’s all. Daddy won’t be too happy about that.

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