Snob still looking for interns!

Read all about it here! You will get to write, learn real reporting skills from a former beat reporter and columnist (moi), plus this is a GREAT opportunity for multimedia students who want to do html/css design, podcasts and vlogging along with traditional blog reporting. Build your portfolio. Get me to say glowing things about you to employers. Learn more by clicking here.

And I would LOVE someone in the Washington, D.C. and St. Louis, Mo area!

One thought on “Snob still looking for interns!

  1. have you put this on journalism yet?How about some of the national journalism associations?Reached out to any colleges?Loads of students are looking for experience they just need to hear from you! (and please don’t limit yourself to J-school kids. I wasn’t one and look at how cool/competent I turned out!)

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