Harvard Panel Revealed (And We’re Awesome!)

As many of you know, this week I’m headed to Boston for Harvard’s Black Policy Conference. This year’s theme is “Realizing the Dream Deferred” in the fifth year of the event. I’m taking part in their black media panel from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 18 and the guest list rocks.

It’s yours truly and Essence Magazine’s Angela Burt-Murray, Troy Patterson of Slate.com and Atlantic Monthly’s Ta-nehisi Coates. We’re going to discuss black media in the age of Obama (hotness) and I’m naturally excited.

The event will feature questions from a moderator, then a Q&A afterwards.

While I go over how I will answer the moderators’ and audiences’ questions (Be pithy! Don’t talk so fast! Tell witty anecdotes! Don’t swear!), the other half of my brain will debate hairstyles and outfits.

It’s called “multitasking,” kids. We all gotta learn.

10 thoughts on “Harvard Panel Revealed (And We’re Awesome!)

  1. Dr. Harris-Lacewell is my honey-bunch. I think her little lisp is so sexy. Good luck at the conference, Danielle, and remember to not say "you know" and "like" and "awesome" too much. Keep it real and you’ll do great. You did well on the radio, so you can do again. Rehearse what you’ll say over and over, then it’ll just come out as muscle memory.

  2. Will this black media panel discuss the black talking heads, suddenly very popular on the network and cable shows, who are invited on simple to criticized President Obama? What a novel idea to invite some black wanna-be on to knock the black guy who is now in office. Anything to criticize Predident Obama and/or Mrs Obama. Something the President said that these folks don’t like, something he did that they don’t like, he is not black enough, he is too black, he didn’t appear on this or that black TV or radio show, he speaks the english language, he doesn’t wear a bone through his nose, he doesn’t wear his pants below his butt, bla, bla, bla. Six months ago the main-stream and cable networks would not have had these black folks anywhere near their cameras. Except except for Juan Williams who is as House as you can get. But what I can’t understand is why black folks would go on CNN, Fox and MSNBC* to help them and the republican in their attempts to undermine the President. Is it the opportunity to get face time on the tele? Is it money? Do these people imaging that CNN, Fox,or MSNBC will give them a show? What?The other this that is puzzling is why the so-called black journalist, talk show hosts and commentators who have a platform to speak out stand by like doofuses, silently. Are they afraid they will lose their jobs or are they just waiting their turn to appear on Fox News?* Exceptions are those black journalist, , commentators who appear on the RM and KO shows. But then RM and KO are not trying to discredit and undermine the President.

  3. The very title of the conference sounds awesome. Wish I were there with you. Have fun an d kick some knowledge.MacDaddy from daddyBstrong.blogspot.com

  4. Sounds exciting! Enjoy the experience and take pictures! Should produce lots of fodder for the coming weeks and months here. Good stuff.

  5. Snob, I happen to attend the same church as Mrs. Burt-Murray (of Essence). Tell Angela that one of your blog readers expect her to give you "a Bethany hug" – Bethany is the name of our church. I won’t say where to maintain our privacy. 🙂 Enjoy the trip and conference! I saw the wardrobe you picked out – you’ll look great!

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