Day: April 14, 2009

How our overwhelming might and urge to overkill could make a 21st century pirate problem worse

The celebrating crew of an American vessel who fought off Somali pirates and whose captain was recently rescued by Navy Seals. (AP Photo)

How would he take the heat? Would he (suppressing barf) … protect America? The question was asked as if the country had actually be sold ad hoc to the People’s Republic of China as part of the world’s greatest estate sale since our integrity died at the end of the Cold War. 

And this was the first real “test,” they said of the president, as if there were other options than rescue.

The fear, or should I say, the verbalized fear of many Republicans and law enforcement hardliners was that President Barack Obama wouldn’t be tough enough on “America’s Enemies.” (Does it count towards how silly that sounds when that every time I hear that phrase I see a Saturday Morning Super Evil Friends toon starring Osama, Kim Jong Il and the like?) But when it came to choosing to use deadly force on armed Somali pirates who were holding an American ship captain captive, he showed no hesitation.

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