His Name is Bo Obama And He’s One Lucky Dog

LA Times

Aw! Who’s a good presidential pooch! Who’s a good presidential pooch!

He’s set to be “revealed” on Tuesday to the press. You know? He’s something to look at if you can’t stop crying because your pretend TV boyfriend is marrying someone who isn’t you.

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13 thoughts on “His Name is Bo Obama And He’s One Lucky Dog

  1. Doesn’t the pres have something to do like protect this country or fix the economy? Instead we get bread and circuses for the mass to keep them from asking about he real problems.

  2. My first dog….. AHHHHH. Why do I continually embarrass myself when gushing over anything Obama? (SMH)

  3. @ ScottNo. I don’t know if you noticed this, but most press became "entertainment" news outside of "60 Minutes" about 20 years ago when CNN broadcast live from the first Iraq War.Infotainment! It’s what’s for dinner!

  4. One of these days the Obamas are going to kill me with all this gosh darn cuteness.

  5. I love animals and animal planets just as much as they next guy, but really, is this ‘that’ important? The way the press is presenting it, it sure is. Nenyways, cute dog.

  6. @Blackwmomen-This dog grows up to be a big rambunctious dod, it is only when it is a puppy that it looks yippy….

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