Google Stalking TJ Holmes: And Now It’s Official :(

Get yer hankies, stans!


Why Sweet Baby Jesus, why? (Source: All Things CNN)

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While I appreciate that TJ did his best to hide this from me by telling his co-host to zip it, then refused to elaborate, I can no longer keep this torch lit. It ain’t an eternal flame, baby. TJ Holmes is getting re-hitched.

It’s the real deal. Our little Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News has found love again in the form of a girl we can all welcome and respect (BE NICE! Seriously! FUCK, some of you guys are SO MEAN! You know who you are!) as one of our own. *Sniff.*

A snob. A beautiful, smart, fierce shoe wearing Black Snob. OK. Now pretend to be happy!

Yes, yes … he’s our favorite flavor of man candy and we can still happily drool from a distance as most of us didn’t have a shit’s chance anyway, but it still ruins all your fantasies. Especially if you have really specific, detailed ones where TJ rides to your wedding on a horse at the last minute because you’re totally marrying the WRONG GUY and he totally didn’t care that he had to cover that flood in Jonesboro. He needed to see YOU right then and there! On a HORSE! And he was like good at riding it and shit and his shirt just happened to blow open from the thrust of the church doors.

It was really impressive.

Anyway. I’m now all but certain he’s getting hitched, but I’d still like it if someone, you know, besides me went official with it because like hell if I want to be wrong. A reader said he laughed off a reference to his second nuptuals Friday morning, but those folks at All Things CNN OBVIOUSLY didn’t find that newsworthy until 2 a.m. Monday morning. (Thank God for insomnia!)

That said, if you’re going to cry over a girl taking a man that was never yours to begin with (I started with Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” but that implied the Teege was all I had and I still have Elba, Naveen Andrews, Isaiah Washington, Aaron McGruder and Daniel Henney), you should at least know a smidge about the woman you’re boo-hooing over — Marliee With-the-last-name-that-makes-her-too-easy-to-harass.

First off, a note to Marilee: Seriously, girl, if you and the Teege read this you need to do some house cleaning. I know you’re a lawyer so you can’t exactly hide, but you’re about to marry a TV personality. You need to make it a little harder for crazy people to get at you. I have a rare last name too, but you’d have to shell out some duckets to even get close. I say this out of love, those digits better lead to Nowheresville or CNN Weekend viewers Sheretta, Antonio and Becky, winners of TJ’s Ultimate Stalker Fan Competition may be applying for your services just to fuck wih you.

You’re just lucky most TJ fans aren’t as nuts motivated as Anderson Cooper fans. (You people FRIGHTEN me!)

That said, let’s tip the hat to the Teege because as wonderfully awesome as The Snob is (and I AM wonderfully awesome and I can make peach cobbler … you remember that right, TJ?), it seems this ladyfriend person is pretty nice and accomplished herself.

Using my master Google Stalking skills here is the scoop on Ms. So Damn Lucky Ducky.

Her name is Marilee. Even though I’ve published pictures of her I, for some reason, … care … and will not use her last name until the engagement goes officially, photos in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution public. I ask that others who know her full name do the same and keep the details about her interesting but purposely vague. This snobbette is a private citizen and I ain’t trying to be sued in this piece.

Marliee is an associate working specifically with Immigration issues and went to Vanderbilt University so she’s probably smart as a whip. She’s only been out of law school for a few years, but has already made an impression it seems. (Or at least she’s made one on my … I mean OUR … Prince of West Memphis.)

She works for one of the older and larger firms in the city. She has great taste in shoes. Everyone tells me she’s gorgeous in person and that I would love her.

But I don’t! Lucky heifer!

I know we all knew this was coming right? Right, T.J. fans? It’s just *sniff* no matter what you do … *sniff* … you’re never prepared! *Bwaaaahhhhh!*

Shut up, Vesta! This is even worse than you. I have to go back. Way back. Back into time for this level of devastation of THIS hot of a man being DENIED to me!

Etta, please. Show them how you properly mourn what’s not yours!

You better love him, girl. Love him like I Love Reeses. He’s my little Peanut Butter Cup.

I heard church bells ringing
I heard a choir singing
I saw my love walk down the aisle
On her finger he placed a ring

Oh, I saw them holding hands
She was standing there with my man
I heard them promise “Till death do us part”
Each word was a pain in my heart

All I could do, all I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)
All I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)
I was losing the man that I loved
And all I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)

Yeah and now the wedding’s over
Rice, rice has been thrown over their heads
For them life has just begun
But mine is at an end

All, all I could do, all I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)
All I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)
I was losing the man that I loved (cry, cry, cry)
And all I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)

147 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: And Now It’s Official :(

  1. I was tempted to add tyrone as a freind outta curiousity , and seeing what he was likebut my better judgement stopped me. I’m sure TJ has all the important info secure, not much his fiance can do about stuff like that b/c as a lawyer she does need to have her info out there for potential client. Most TJ fans are pretty normal i think, and he’s not a key anchor or anderson cooper etc

  2. I wanted to add Tyrone, too, but I was afraid he may not be wrapped too tight!!!! Is there anyone out there who had the guts to add this ULTRA-TJ Fan?? I’m sure inquiring minds would love to know what he has under his info.

  3. I viewed Tyrone’s friends (you can see friends list if the person’s settings allow). He has a lot of celebs on there, primarily male. I am curious to if he leaves Soulja Boy the same God Bless messages, but I’m not into the same people he is so I don’t have them as Facebook friends. 😉

  4. I’m really wondering why he is so tight lipped about it. I understand privacy, but damn. GASP Is she expecting? Why remove congratulation comments from Facebook? That only adds to the curiousity from fans.

  5. Maybe TJ wants to announce the engagement himself at some point? I don’t have any inside knowledge, so I’m just guessing along with the rest of the folks on here.Also, I can understand not wanting to put too much out there. There is already at least one person who is demonstrating strong obsessive tendencies on TJ’s facebook page. We only see the wall postings of that individual, but we don’t know what else he might be doing to try to contact TJ. I find it hard to believe that someone who is that obsessed would limit his contact to wall postings on facebook.

  6. @Did anyone watch him this morning? I didn’t. I’m so turned off now.Yep, I watched but it just wasn’t the same…I found myself saying ‘Oh it’s just TJ and Betty’ then I started doing other things.LOL. It just ain’t the same.

  7. @ J and anonymousAnd that’s the reason why he’s probably not saying much about his engagement because he knows his fans won’t feel the same about him and the ratings for his and Betty’s news show would probably go waaaaaaay down.

  8. @ Honee BeeI hear whatcha saying but I can’t buy it because CNN is already establish and they were established long before TJ arrived. As a matter of fact, it was CNN who first told the world about TJ’s engagement lol. So I don’t think that they are concern with the possibility of loosing ratings over this engagement thing. I believe that this is strictly TJ. And IMO thats not good. He’s removing the "congratulations on your engagement posts" but not the "you so fine TJ" posts..c’mon He doesn’t even have to respond to the "congratulations" posts but to remove them altogether is suspect. Just my take.

  9. Hey Danielle, I was playing some Heather Headley on the drive home today when track #7 came on and instantly I thought of you and your never ending love for your fake boyfriend T.J. It’s entitled "Always Been Your Girl" and I think it would the perfect shout out to your Teege on either Q100 or V-103 here in the A. Pay close attention to verse 2. LOL, LOL.

  10. @ JI get what you’re saying. Why do you think he’s keeping his engagement on the hush?? Is he that private or is he a playa??? Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  11. I’ve read some of these posts and wasn’t going to comment but couldn’t help myself. I was actually at the Earth Hour event where that picture of TJ and Marilee (wearing the engagement ring) was taken. The crowd at the event ranged from random folks to the Mayor of Atlanta and celebs like Keisha Knight-Pullman. I was standing right next to TJ, Marilee and Betty (his co-anchor) who were standing around a table. Everyone kept approaching TJ and Betty, and TJ kept introducing Marilee as his fiancee. I don’t really think you introduce a girl to the Mayor as your fiancee if it’s not serious. He also kept being pulled for pictures and such, and every time he came back to the table, he would kiss and hug Marilee, or put his arm around her waist. Marilee seems more shy about things, and maybe she’s the reason they are keeping it private. Who knows. What I do know is that anyone you talk to from that event knows that man is engaged.

  12. As someone who’s kinda private about my relationships I can definetly respect that. Marilee is a cutie pie and I am partial to lawyers. You guys are not blind so i’m sure i dont have to tell you how fine he is. Wish them luck and happiness. Danielle you’ll be ok, I’m sure the agony has subsided a bit by now, so i wont mail the klenex. On the bright side you little peanut butter cup is HAPPY!

  13. Ooooh Chile…I’m reading back on all these posts, and let me add my two cents. Quite a few of you seem to be asking what he sees in HER…I’m wondering what she sees in HIM.Let me share a story that is so similar, it is scary. My line sister, a successful young attorney, met a successful, fine man working in news and politics. I won’t name names because he has quite a following much lke TJ, but isn’t as famous because he’s not national. He courted her, wined and dined her, took her to fancy parties and events, and BOOM proposed. She was head over heels, so of course she accepted. We all loved him, thought he was perfect for her. Once their engagement hit the press, all sorts of "stories" started coming out from female fans which she wrote off as "haters". The wife of a politician even advised her "Girl, take care of yourself, because being with these types of guys is like being with Pro Ballers." She wasn’t trying to be disrespectful of ballers, but she was warning that she should keep her eyes open. My LS was a little concerned, but she thought he was a good guy and at thirty-something, its hard to walk away from the "perfect" man when he just put a rock on your hand. Hello?!? One year into the marriage, more stories about his flirting and even cheating started to surface. Basically, he just had too many opportunities to do dirt (and he had grown full of himself). After they got married, he stopped taking her to so many parties…they were just "work" functions…and the ones she went to, the women didn’t care. She could be two feet away and they’d still pass him a phone number. He was always nice to her and introduced her as my beautiful wife…but it was almost like he lived a double life with his toys on the side.Fast forward 3 years…their divorce will be final in June.Moral of the story…when people say "things", don’t automatically write it off as hating. Do your homework. And to Marilee and all you beautiful ladies out there…I pray you find Happily Ever After…but always take care of yourself so in the event that you don’t, you will land on your feet!

  14. @bigsis… good story. I just hope the teege is ready to settle down and do this for real, at least for Marilee’s sake. I’ve had my fair share of pretty boys too and the only problem is you cant be the only person that sees that lol. My mom says the best looking ones always involve more work. I suppose she’s right. LOL

  15. @ Honee BeeHow are you today? I must say that this truly is a fascinating thread…But in regards to your questions, I think he’s "trying" to keep the engagement quiet because he’s not too sure about it, that way, if things doesn’t work out, there won’t be enough people that will know about it to even care and he could easily make the transition into another relationship or "bachelorhood" without having the burden of answering questions about a "supposed" engagement. I’m not buying the privacy thing because TJ works in the wonderful world of entertainment…just as I do. And "privacy" becomes nothing more than an erotic dream dipped in chocolate. You know when entering this business that there are going to be compromises in regards to privacy…especially regarding those issues introduced to the public(like his engagement). There is NO WAY you can make those issues private again…so just be ready to deal truthfully. Not acknowledging is a bad sign or at least sends one. As far as whether or not he’s a "playa" I honestly don’t get that kind of vibe from him. But I will say this, If what’s been said about him and his past relationships (ex-wife, Chilli) are in fact 100% true. He’s seems to be one of those men who doesn’t properly grieve relationships gone wrong…but quickly jumps into another one. SIDENOTE: I just wanted to put out there that Celebrities do lurk on these blogs…some even post every now and again.

  16. @ BigSisGood Story. What you have said is very true. To the ones that asked if we watched TJ this weekend, I did not. I saw him and simply turned the station. I am not following him on Twitter anymore either. The thrill is gone for me actually. LOL.

  17. @ Big SisThat was a very interesting and sad story. I don’t know TJ or Marilee personally, but they seem like they could be good people and I would hope a situation like that would never happen to them (no matter how much I want TJ for myself!!!LOL) Does anyone know why he and his ex-wife got a divorce?? Did they get married too young?? Did he cheat on her?? Did she cheat on him??? I hope he didn’t cheat on her for Marilee’s sake because you know what they say…once a cheater, always a cheater.@ JAre you a celebrity?!?!LOL

  18. @ Big SisI believe every word. We don’t know if TJ and Marilee are heading down that road, but a playa will work at covering his past and present tracks diligently. I have a feeling privacy may be one thing, but he is probably trying to prevent any sudden situations.The thrill is gone for me, too.I was going to ask the same. What did his ex say other than the you don’t dump TJ, TJ dumps you comment? All we know of is Chilli and to some degree even she was pretty reserved in her postbreakup story, which is unusual for her. From her I just recall her talking about they are dating and have been serious for a minute to suddently it didn’t work out. Wait a minute… do you think because Chilli openly acknowledged her relationship publicly that he let her go? Could that be the ultimate no no in Mr. Holmes rule book?CNN is established and has been, and always will be… but TJ brought a whole slew of viewers. They are going to do whatever they can to keep ratings high. His marriage plans yanks him off the market and his appeal as eye candy goes sour. CNN didn’t do a story on the engagement, a coworker blurted it out. Unscripted television.

  19. Well, no matter how much TJ loses his appeal with his engagement/marriage, there is one person who will almost certainly keep posting and watching and posting and watching…. TYRONE. He’s like TJ’s personal energizer bunny stalker. LOL! I like how he always wants to know what TJ is eating. I keep expecting him to follow up with "how many bites did you take TJ?" LOL!

  20. LMAO!! I kinda feel bad for starting this whole tyrone thing with my sucide note reference. He might actually need some mental help. I hope he’s not from atlanta b/c that would make me scared as hell if I were TJ. Good lawd that boy’s got it bad. I’m hardly ever on T.J’s. facebook page but it seems that whenever i am, without fail there’s always a note from him. I wonder if he knows the object of his affection is apparently a very straight male :/

  21. First: lololol…..I thought I was the only one who noticed crazy Tyrone! I really need TJ and his assistants to handle that situation quick. If you’re gonna be a lurker do it discreetly like the rest of us. That man is all types of crazy.Second: I love me some T.J. (my friends will tell you that) but like some, I feel slightly turned off by him now. It started when I saw the pic of him and Marilee on one of the blogs (where I went on immediate google stalking) but something isn’t the same. Now I notice things that bother me about him like how he’s always wringing his hands (on the show)or that he never really sits straight up when it’s not a close-up shot. Now I’m realizing T.J. isn’t the best anchor, but I let it go because he’s FINE and his personality really is contagious (although sometimes he’s slick in the mouth but I love it) that’s why I watch on the wknd.So, I’ve come to terms with my tv boyfriend finding the right fit for him (so much that I , too, offered public congrats on his FB page). I don’t think he needs to publicize it on CNN but if he acknowledges it in his personal life then that’s all that matters. Most of us will be happy for him sans Tyrone. I’m pretty sure his wedding will end up in Essence or on Platinum Weddings…because you know it will be one of those ATL weddings. So we’ll know when Mr. Holmes gets married when we see him wearing that band on the newscast (the same way we knew he got divorced when he stopped wearing his ring)

  22. TJ also tends to overuse the word "certainly" and the phrase "if you will" whenever he is not reading from the teleprompter…oh well, he’s no Ed Bradley, but he’s still a cutey!

  23. @Honee Bee & Anonymously Me When TJ was dating Chili, I read a blog online that said he was still married and featured a picture of him in a pub shot for CNN wearing his wedding band. The article also had a comment from a friend of his wife saying that she found out about Chili on the internet, and the divorce wasn’t final. When I went back to find the article I couldn’t find it for the life of me. hmmmmWasn’t he talking about marrying Chili too??LOL @ Anonymous "he’s no Ed Bradley". I think the same. Sometimes I just want to say ask the darn question already!! But then I forgive him because he’s cute. I watched for a minute on Sunday morning when I was getting ready for church, but he looked soooo tired. It was too early to look at someone else that’s tired. I need him to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed. So I turned him off!

  24. @ MiMiDon’t worry over it. You simply voiced what many of us had been thinking. No offense to Mr. Tyrone, but his dedication as a fan is anything but indiscreet.So I am not the only one noticing that TJ is not the best at what he does? Amazing what a killer smile and gorgeous face will do to smooth over the flaws. I know he has talent, but I think in some ways his looks made that talent a whole lot better.I know there has to be a disgruntle ex/jumpoff/fling floating around Atlanta that can give the dirt like no one else. I have a feeling a few of them have given us tidbits but are holding back on the juice. Can we get some love disgruntle ex/jumpoff/fling/crush/dreamers of TJ who know more than our speculation? Don’t worry, we can get a little collection going to counter any legal fees you may incur against TJ’s personal lawyerfriend Marilee.What has women scared to discuss TJ? His rep as a player in Atlanta is well known, but nothing can be found to back it up. Just missing stories that are suddenly removed online. Does Mr. Holmes carry that much weight to keep his jumpoff’s mouths on lock?

  25. Just because someone got dumped or even played by TJ doesn’t make him a bad guy. Men date women all the time and decide they don’t want anything serious or longterm with them, and vice versa. The difference between TJ and other oridinary men is that his every move (or date/female friend/girlfriend/wife/whatever) is followed and publicized. I find it interesting that people are saying that he’s a player, but no one has any REAL dirt to share. Yes, we all know he was married and divorced, and yes, we all know he dated Chili. Besides that, we don’t know anything else besides his recent engagement.I tried giving my number to TJ at an event a couple years ago. He was a gentleman about it and took my card, but he never called me. LOL!!!

  26. may his rep is just that A REPUTATION and not neccesarily true. either that or he is very good at covering his tracks. I sincerely hope it’s the former especially since he’s about to be a married man for the second time. Maybe this wedding will be sooner than we think…he twittered that he was at the tailor\s getting fitted for a suit. We’ll see him on air with the ring i guess. Congrats kids!

  27. @ MimiI think I read in an article that he gets all of his suits tailored. That would include the suits he wears on air. So he’s not necessarily getting fitted for a tuxedo, but than again……@ NewbieGive us more details about you giving your number to TJ. Did you have a conversation with him or did you just walk up to him and gave him your card? Please share!!

  28. I am ROFL! Now you know if someone shares some dirt then TJ and his peeps will shut this blog down…POOF!

  29. @ AnonymousNow you know they will!!! hahahahaha. Snob watch cha back!I don’t want to know any dirt about T.J. the engagement is enough for me lol. But I too read about the Chili and TJ source saying he wasn’t yet divorce…however Chili did say he wasn’t married when she was with him. And according to Chili she said they were darn near over by the time we found out about them (which I think is bs..b/c she was the one gloating about the relationship all over mags and radio).Put it like this: Everybody has their skeletons…T.J is not immortal so we know it’s true for him. Let’s just hope he didn’t make the wrong decision by working in a very public industry and never really treated any woman badly. Because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But I think he’s ok so far.@newbieOh I would’ve most definitely given him my number and keys to my house…lolMeanwhile…I know all kinds of chicks are getting at Ms. Marlee …she’ll probably have to go into witness protection dealing with Tyrone alone!P.S. Does anyone else wonder what CNN anchor salaries are?? Snob can you find that info out? I’ve researched but didn’t get much info.

  30. @ hilariousThis thread has gone WAY PAST EPIC at this point. Am I the only one talking about this, or something? EPIC!But regards to salaries, Anderson Cooper makes $6 million. Shep Smith on FOX makes between $7 and $8 million. I’m guessing TJ, who is a sort of everyman anchor is probably pulling down a million plus or more contract between $1.5 and $3 million.But I’m not for certain. But I’m only guessing they’d pay him and Don half of whatever their precious Andy Coop-A-Doop makes.

  31. @ DanielleDid you listen to the "perfect" song you could play for your Teege "Always Been Your Girl – Heather Headley?"Listen to me, and don’t you dare say its too lateNow honestly, you know, she’s only a passing phaseI AM YOUR MEANT TO BE, YOUR ETERNITY,Shouldnt settle for anything less, She may have your body but I own your heartTo ignore this you’ll regretLOL.

  32. LOL! for some reason right aftere i went of this site i played ‘Call TYrone"by Ms. Badu just because all this talk about TJ’s ultimate fan triggered my memory. That used to be my song back in the day, even though i didnt even know anyone name tyrone LOL oh and i LOVE ms headley! Big ups Trini!

  33. FYI: The infamous Tyrone must read this blog because his name is no longer highlighted on facebook. You can’t look at his friend list anymore and I guess inquiring minds can’t add him as a friend. LOL!!

  34. @ Honee BeeIf Tyrone does read the blog and yet is still continuing to write all that crazy stuff then something’s not right with him. Wouldn’t most people check themselves if it was brought to their attention that they might be going a little overboard with their "fan appreciation"? I mean all of us like TJ to some degree, but not enough to write on his wall at least twice a day, respond to almost every status update by TJ, obsess over (1) what TJ is eating and (2) whether TJ is getting enough rest and (3) when TJ has his days off and (4) the specific time (6:00 a.m. EST) that TJ starts his broadcasts. sheesh!

  35. This thread is comical! This is better than post break up trash talk. Snob I think this is the only thread of its kind…until TJ strikes and like they said POOF it will disappear. LOL@ Hilarious I am sure he makes just as much from his appearance fees. His suits and ties are probably free if not heavily discounted. Anyone know how much he gets for his appearances? I think I want to hire him to speak at an event in my bedroom! He can just sit on the edge of my bed and talk like he does during the broadcast, periodically smiling with his eyes as I lay there and watch. This marriage is ruining my weekend morning news porn.

  36. this thread is amazing. Although i dont understand why TJ would get less attractive just because he happened to i dunno, fall in love and wanna get married. I still enjoy looking at him on the ocassiional saturday i manage to get up early. CNN picked an awful tiime to have him on. His fiance is pretty, i hope the rumours about him arent true, although for a man who is proably VERY aware of his sex`appeal it might be difficult not to be a whore lol. He’d have ALL the opportunity to that’s for sure.

  37. @ jessI actually don’t quite understand how TJ could be less attractive either just because he’s decided to get married. I don’t know him personally and probably will never meet him, so why do I care what he does with his personal life? He is definitely eye candy, but I don’t fantasize about him or anything like that. However, I can also see how CNN and TJ would like to trade on his sex appeal for ratings. So being seen as single and available helps with the "mystique" I guess. I think one thing that some people forget is that all this Facebook, Twitter, etc. is really about increasing/maintaining ratings. I highly doubt that any of these CNN folks are doing the "social media" thing because they want to make 3000 "friends." lol!

  38. @ Anonomously Me"I think I want to hire him to speak at an event in my bedroom! He can just sit on the edge of my bed and talk like he does during the broadcast, periodically smiling with his eyes as I lay there and watch. "LOL!! What a priceless quote!!!! LOL!!!I don’t care that he’s engaged, I will continue to religously watch him when I have the chance. I know a lot of people want him to take Rick Sanchez’s place, but him being on the air for six hours on Saturday is worth it. By the way I bought the Uptown magazine with Jaime Foxx on the cover and TJ’s is looking extremely delicious!!! I just want to eat him up!! Yum Yum!!!

  39. Really I mean who has time to for one stalk this man and two set your clocks to either record or run home to watch an airing of CNN. Honestly each one of your ‘stalkers’ are pathetic and what is even worse is how your all hating on this man and his I got to say absolutely beautiful finance! She is drop dead gorgeious lets be honest here. She is model status but again does that matter obviously this man the "Teege" as ya’ll call him loves her and that is all that matters. It haters like YOU (well most of you) that caus problems and want to see a long engagment or the marriage turn to divorce dam can’t you be happy for somone. Really people get a life and get your own man!!

  40. Thank you madashell! my friends have been sending each other this link over the past week – one of my girls is an absolute fan of this site, so always shares… I think Danielle is so funny with her post and she kept it classy for the most part. My friends and I (about 10 of us) have been discussing some of the comments to this article and the overall vibe is that we are pretty disappointed in some of the commentators. This is why black women are alone!!! Why in the H are they speculating as to whether he is cheating or a player, they are digging up his relationship with chili, hating on his fiancee – who is gorgeous btw. ("sorry i had to say it"), and talking about his salary (LOL – he is not spending the money on you!) They are trying to make the woman feel insecure about her man. Shame on you. Who cares what "you" expected for him? You are not his fiancee. It would be funny if the sentiment behind those comments were good natured, humor, or just purely entertainment, but they are not. These "ladies" clearly have no personal relationship with him. And while he and his girl live their fabulous life, you guys are wasting your free time not being the wonderful and sexy women you probably are (prrrrrrrobably! haha). You, too, can have a great man…if you stop sweating one that is already taken. I think that’s the key! Don’t sweat men that belong to someone else. You give an air of desperation and that’s why you keep getting mistreated. Most of my friends and I have amazing boyfriends, fiances and husbands. You don’t know this man personally, but you guys are spending your valuable time on him. I watch CNN and I’m just proud to see a gorgeous black man do his thing on TV. Sure, he is fine as hell, but then I live my life. It should be that simple. He doesn’t change the price of tea for me. I’m actually – dare i say it – happy for him. The brokenhearted and "hater" (i dislike that word) commentators are the true definition of "Stan" and "Fanatic" – wow.

  41. @Madashell aka TJ’s future wife’s second cousin married to Aunt Janie’s housekeeper’s childIt’s not that serious to most of us. Can’t speak for the diehards we’ve previously mentioned and those who shall remain nameless, but this has always been for entertainment purposes only. At least to me. Just like your rant about his love for his "finance", its something to read/discuss online like many other subjects. I would hope he loves his finances, but not as much as he should love his FIANCEE.Is TJ planning a trip somewhere like the Grand Canyon? Why would he care about a "gorge"? Oh! You mean Marilee is gorgeous! Goodness… well I can tell you probably don’t work at the law firm with Marilee. Your spelling is atrocious.A little crush never hurt anyone and from the sound of your uptightness and curiousity to peek in on this thread, you may benefit from one. It may even lead to a periodic dream or two that could help reduce that wound up tension you obviously seem to carry and wish to take out on random strangers who are simply entertaining themselves with delicious gossip about a delectable man.

  42. @NonijuiceI truly respect your view and I appreciate the way you expressed it. Why are you assuming the people commenting on here are without a significant other in their life? The charm in Danielle’s Google Stalking TJ Holmes is that she expresses what many think when it comes to someone you KNOW you won’t have anything to do with, but they’re still a cutie and you find yourself daydreaming about them anyway.I’m happy for Danielle that the conversation here has increased her following. Yet the Dr. Phil overanalyzation is a bit much for me. I think the salary comment came up when someone mentioned he was having six suits altered at the tailor. Have you checked the price of a good man’s suit lately? Hell curiosity peeked my interest too wondering how much he was pulling in. (not that TJ probably can afford it)For distant crush purposes, TJ isn’t it for me anymore. Oh well, life goes on. However, I do wish him well and they are very cute together. They actually look in love from what I see, but I don’t know him or her personally to comment on their emotions for one another. He’s simply the fantasy that got away, if that can explain it. The Denzel or Morris or Shemar Moore (back before he was in question) or fill in the blank according to who you would love to see in a dream at night. I seriously doubt a group of comments on here will make Marilee insecure about her man.

  43. Anonymously Me – you are hilarious and you’re alright with me! But you have to admit that some of the commentators are nowhere near as funny and good-natured as you are. Some definitely sound like jilted prospects. Some have tried to drop "subtle" hints as if they have real dirt to divulge, or are at the very least trying to plant seeds of doubt. It happens in regular, non-public/non-famous relationships, so a bunch of us were irritated when we saw it being done on this site by women who more than likely don’t know the "Teege" (or probably not very well). I love healthy relationships and I hate when outsiders try to tear good relationships apart. We’ve all seen it happen. LOL at "Dr. Phil overanalyzation." You are super quick-witted and funny as hell! Danielle Belton is masterful, covering tons of engaging topics, but it’s no surprise that this one has garnered so much attention. Black men and relationships is a conversation for the ages – it should be positive. Even I’m commenting on a blog and for me, that’s huge!!! My girls are laughing at me. Kudos to Danielle!

  44. @ Madashell, You asked "Really I mean who has time to for one stalk this man and two set your clocks to either record or run home to watch an airing of CNN."My answer: TYRONEWhat prize do I get?? LOL!

  45. @NonijuiceThe subtle hints are what has me still reading this thread (and laughing so hard I almost choked on the popcorn I was munching on like I was watching a movie). One of those jilted ex/jump off’s is gonna crack under pressure any minute and a whole bunch of stuff will spill from their typing fingers! I feel it coming… and I bet it will be hilarious when it does happen. I don’t know if you have peeked on any of the other TJ posts, but one came on feeling as if she was throwing a bone to the wolves offering his government name. That was just wrong! Not that she divulged personal info, but his name is just WRONG! LOL

  46. ok hold up a second! precisely where in this thread has anyone being ‘hating’ on marilee? lol , she’s a beautiful, educated woman, nothing to hate there. Most of this thread is what you would find ANYWHERE else except a lot nicer. No one has dropped any profanity yet. The best fodder in the thread of me has to to be the stuff about tyrone…Btw that comment about ‘this is why black women are alone etc… made me give a side eye. I didnt know gossip was exclusive to race

  47. oh and to quickly qoute by SO (yes i do have one). "TJ aint even all that, he ‘s just some dude reading a teleprompter. Put me on TV and i can do that too…" LMAO! now HE is a hater but i love him anywoy <3@ noijuice. I cant speak of anyone else’s sentiments or intentions, (and I dont know how you can either… but i digress). All i have to say is that this thread has been tons of fun.I wonder if Idris Elba is still with his girlfriend, i dont know how much heartbreak danielle can take so we probably shouldnt go there today…

  48. @ Madashell – Mad as HellReally? I agree you should be Mad-as-Hell being an adult that obviously missed attending English classes. “…a long engagment or the marriage turn to divorce dam can’t you be happy for somone.” If you were attempting to curse at us (the posters), it failed because quite frankly I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how a water barrier correlates to the happiness and or unhappiness of an impending marriage. When you can’t even correctly use a curse word, for the love of butter, please refrain from doing such. (I’m not even going to touch the “new age spelling” of Mad-as-hell)This thread has been everything BUT malicious. If you are reading more into these comments other than nearly all of them being in jest, I suggest you check yourself sweet pea. It’s apparently very serious to you.

  49. @Kiye…You know you’re wrong for reminding that obnoxious poster that he/she didn’t cuss right.LOL. Clearly, somebody somewhere is feeling a bit "insecure" and decided to send their hounds out…This is a message board people…A MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!!

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