Google Stalking TJ Holmes: And Now It’s Official :(

Get yer hankies, stans!


Why Sweet Baby Jesus, why? (Source: All Things CNN)

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While I appreciate that TJ did his best to hide this from me by telling his co-host to zip it, then refused to elaborate, I can no longer keep this torch lit. It ain’t an eternal flame, baby. TJ Holmes is getting re-hitched.

It’s the real deal. Our little Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News has found love again in the form of a girl we can all welcome and respect (BE NICE! Seriously! FUCK, some of you guys are SO MEAN! You know who you are!) as one of our own. *Sniff.*

A snob. A beautiful, smart, fierce shoe wearing Black Snob. OK. Now pretend to be happy!

Yes, yes … he’s our favorite flavor of man candy and we can still happily drool from a distance as most of us didn’t have a shit’s chance anyway, but it still ruins all your fantasies. Especially if you have really specific, detailed ones where TJ rides to your wedding on a horse at the last minute because you’re totally marrying the WRONG GUY and he totally didn’t care that he had to cover that flood in Jonesboro. He needed to see YOU right then and there! On a HORSE! And he was like good at riding it and shit and his shirt just happened to blow open from the thrust of the church doors.

It was really impressive.

Anyway. I’m now all but certain he’s getting hitched, but I’d still like it if someone, you know, besides me went official with it because like hell if I want to be wrong. A reader said he laughed off a reference to his second nuptuals Friday morning, but those folks at All Things CNN OBVIOUSLY didn’t find that newsworthy until 2 a.m. Monday morning. (Thank God for insomnia!)

That said, if you’re going to cry over a girl taking a man that was never yours to begin with (I started with Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” but that implied the Teege was all I had and I still have Elba, Naveen Andrews, Isaiah Washington, Aaron McGruder and Daniel Henney), you should at least know a smidge about the woman you’re boo-hooing over — Marliee With-the-last-name-that-makes-her-too-easy-to-harass.

First off, a note to Marilee: Seriously, girl, if you and the Teege read this you need to do some house cleaning. I know you’re a lawyer so you can’t exactly hide, but you’re about to marry a TV personality. You need to make it a little harder for crazy people to get at you. I have a rare last name too, but you’d have to shell out some duckets to even get close. I say this out of love, those digits better lead to Nowheresville or CNN Weekend viewers Sheretta, Antonio and Becky, winners of TJ’s Ultimate Stalker Fan Competition may be applying for your services just to fuck wih you.

You’re just lucky most TJ fans aren’t as nuts motivated as Anderson Cooper fans. (You people FRIGHTEN me!)

That said, let’s tip the hat to the Teege because as wonderfully awesome as The Snob is (and I AM wonderfully awesome and I can make peach cobbler … you remember that right, TJ?), it seems this ladyfriend person is pretty nice and accomplished herself.

Using my master Google Stalking skills here is the scoop on Ms. So Damn Lucky Ducky.

Her name is Marilee. Even though I’ve published pictures of her I, for some reason, … care … and will not use her last name until the engagement goes officially, photos in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution public. I ask that others who know her full name do the same and keep the details about her interesting but purposely vague. This snobbette is a private citizen and I ain’t trying to be sued in this piece.

Marliee is an associate working specifically with Immigration issues and went to Vanderbilt University so she’s probably smart as a whip. She’s only been out of law school for a few years, but has already made an impression it seems. (Or at least she’s made one on my … I mean OUR … Prince of West Memphis.)

She works for one of the older and larger firms in the city. She has great taste in shoes. Everyone tells me she’s gorgeous in person and that I would love her.

But I don’t! Lucky heifer!

I know we all knew this was coming right? Right, T.J. fans? It’s just *sniff* no matter what you do … *sniff* … you’re never prepared! *Bwaaaahhhhh!*

Shut up, Vesta! This is even worse than you. I have to go back. Way back. Back into time for this level of devastation of THIS hot of a man being DENIED to me!

Etta, please. Show them how you properly mourn what’s not yours!

You better love him, girl. Love him like I Love Reeses. He’s my little Peanut Butter Cup.

I heard church bells ringing
I heard a choir singing
I saw my love walk down the aisle
On her finger he placed a ring

Oh, I saw them holding hands
She was standing there with my man
I heard them promise “Till death do us part”
Each word was a pain in my heart

All I could do, all I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)
All I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)
I was losing the man that I loved
And all I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)

Yeah and now the wedding’s over
Rice, rice has been thrown over their heads
For them life has just begun
But mine is at an end

All, all I could do, all I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)
All I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)
I was losing the man that I loved (cry, cry, cry)
And all I could do was cry (cry, cry, cry)

147 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: And Now It’s Official :(

  1. @ Madashell and nonijuiceFirst of all nobody is hating on Marilee. Second of all why the hell are you continuing to read this thread?? Everyone on here (with the exception of Tyrone!) knows this whole google-stalking TJ Is all fun and games. Apparently you two are the ones who live in a dream world because you can’t interpret what’s reality from fake. While the rest of us continue to have fun, why don’t you two and your friends get a life, take the sticks out of your asses, and practice recognizing when people are just having fun.**smooches**

  2. @Anonymously Me & Kiyewhoo! I can’t stop laughing at the responses left for nojuice and madhater. Clearly it’s REAL serious for madhater.Nojuice and madhater must be on Tyrone status for Marliee b/c they are going real hard for how "gorge" she is…(not saying she’s isn’t pretty I’ve only seen one pic of her and she looked pretty). I don’t think anyone here said she wasn’t some form of attractive. I think they are probably going to be the quintessential black ATL couple…and I love it! Who told T.J.’s real name??I think we all wonder what it is. I keep thinking it can’t be as bad as Ginuwine’s real name.

  3. Oh snob I think you need to be on "official TJ wedding watch" starting today because his twitter says "Big day tomorrow" To me that translates to something borrowed, something old, somthing blue.

  4. Good morning! You made me run and check out the Twit/FB pages so I could get my nosey on. My first thought was he is probably visiting his daughter. Fried alligator? Yuck! If he plans to marry right now and is anywhere near a swamp or bayou where Fried Alligator is the native cuisine Marilee needs to stand him up at the altar! Girl don’t do it! The bayou only looked cute for Beyonce and Jay Z in the Deja Vu video! Don’t you know what humidity, Off bug spray and mosquitos will do to a bride??? Now on to Tyrone. I couldn’t stop laughing after reading Tyrone’s messages from yesterday. He’s getting a little bold, going above and beyond the God bless, get your rest, Russell Simmon’s Def Comedy Jam goodnight speech every day. Did anyone see his remarks about Alice Walker? Almost makes me wonder if he wants to take out Ms. Walker over being closer to TJ than he could be. Tyrone, we know you read this. Why are you so caught up in TJ’s world? For real, why??? He’s cute but not restraining order worthy. (pssst… but for $100 I can hook you up with TJ’s phone number LOL)

  5. Pamela (whoever you are) you are crazy as hell! LOL Get ready for the FB drop squad and comment removal team in 5,4,3,2… POOF! You know TJ doesn’t like wedding dropping on his wall. LOL

  6. LOL! at comments by Anonymously Me re: TyroneI think in addition to being obsessed, our ultimate TJ fan is not, shall we say, the "brightest bulb in the chandelier." I really do think he is suffering from an obsession. I think he is probably living a rather isolated existence and lives his life through CNN personalities as his "friends." Before he shut down the ability to look at his friends list, you could see that the overwhelming majority of his "friends" were news media personalities and celebrities. When I saw that, I wondered if he had any real friends. His comments are good comic relief, but I really do hope he isn’t dangerous….

  7. @J and Honee Bee aka the haters numbers 1 and 2Aren’t you guys taking things a little personally? Dishin’ it, but can’t take it hehehe. Tell me why you mad, son? I read this blog all the time and from what I’ve been reading, I highly doubt that the finance aka Marilee would send out Madashell to represent for her. Maybe I would think so if it was somebody a little smarter, or at least somebody who cared about spellcheck. I gotta stick up for Nonijiuce because I agree with some of that. At least she reads the site too. Y’all gotta learn to read. She said "some haters" did she call y’all out? And Anonymously Me is cool, so why y’all trying to fan flames? Y’all are constant contributors pouring salt and claiming it’s all in the name of fun. Honee Bee needs a stick (wink) so she can stop having all her fun on a message board. I know Honee Bee is sweet on TJ sumptin fierce! A girl Tyrone in a few weeks. Hey J, this went from message board to therapy session for you and the honee. You sure that J doesn’t stand for jealous or jilted? Tell us your TJ story. 🙂 Glad to get that off my chest. I know I’m going to get nasty responses from you two. Defending your nonsense until the end! Whooooohooooo! More to read!

  8. I fail to see to where exactly, the saltiness in this thread occured. The ‘rumours’ ect about TJ are what you’d hear about any attractive man, take it or leave it. I doubt Marilee has the time to be checking on what random folks on the internet are saying, nor will it be enough to make her insecure about the man she is about TO MARRY. if it does, then that’s trobling in itself.She’s a grown and by all accounts intelligent woman, she can handle her biz without cyber defenders lol. It’s really not that serious. Somehow I knew this thread would descend into allegations of hating vs. not hating eventually. That NEVER ever fails. Danielle wrote a post about that some time ago. On a sidenote I hope Tyrone gets help. Seriously. I had no idea TJ interviewed Alice Walker. I always love hearing from the quitessential Womanist herself*toodles* Mimi

  9. Man, this thread is all kinds a crazy. Ya’ll are all a mess.I agree that I doubt TJ or Marilee would read this nonsense…he’s been in the public eye for a minute now and probably knows to avoid what’s said about him on the internet. If he did read it and saw his real name has been posted for the world to see, I’m sure he would have had this blog brought down already.On a side note, and the reason why I’m writing, I saw TJ and Marilee at the airport yesterday evening. Don’t know where they were going…I just saw them in the security line. That’s what prompted me to look him up, and damn, came across this mess.

  10. LOL@ LawdyOn what basis can he have the blog "shut down" for posting his real name? Defamation? Slander? Invasion of privacy? His name is on the internet in other places, and I’m sure it’s in PUBLIC documents (like property records, court decrees) and it IS his name. So what?If he doesn’t want anyone to ever publish or talk about his real name, then he should have it officially changed.Also, I think people give TJ too much credit in terms of being able to "shut things down." Um, there is that little thing called the First Amendment….

  11. @ black83 …Please tell me you’re not serious. I’ll suggest that you start from the beginning of this thread and read each and every posts in its entirety before allowing yourself to comment further. The two posts that corrupted the thread are the posts from madashell and nonijuice. And just so you know, their usage of the terms "some" and "most" is irrelevant being that most of what the two posted was dripping in generalizations…But defend them..IF YOU I don’t understand why you would think that I’m jealous/jilted or seeking therapy, that just seems to be a bit of foolish thinking on your part. I can’t help that I know things that you don’t know, but that’s not an excuse to attack…How old are you?…Really. And to further clear up your misconception(s) I never said Marilee sent her "hounds" over here, I said "somebody somewhere must be feeling a bit insecure and decided to send their hounds out." YOU are the one that referenced Marilee in that respect.SMH. Some of you are trying so hard to defend her(for what, I don’t know) that you’re actually making her out to be the very woman you claim she isn’t. I haven’t read any hateful post(s) in this thread about TJ or his fiance (my posts included) So what in the world are you posting about?….Or do you even know.LOL. Oh and just so you know, the J stands for Jali…Sorry to disappoint.@MIMI…Celebrities/High Profile People and folks connected to such, do in fact visit, read, and post on these blogs(generally speaking)…I know this for a fact. If they aren’t doing it themselves they get their PR folks to do it.

  12. I’m feeling like I need to add the Teege to my FB friends. it sounds like I’m missing out on a whole mess of hilarity.

  13. @J for Jali! Whoooooooohoooooooooo! still didn’t tell me why you mad :(Disappointed, me? No way, Jose. You just made me laugh out loud. And apparently, feathers have been ruffled. You’re taking it as personally as I thought you would and it’s hilarious that you’re so riled up. For fun, eh? You’re so thorough, too. You’re mad at Nonijuice and Madlady for "corruption" of your, what would you call it…lovefest? HA. Their comments are simply contrary to yours. It’s called having an opinion. I don’t give two clucks about either of those posters at the end of the day. I just think Noni has valid points. And, who the heck is defending Marilee like that? "Some of you are trying so hard to defend her(for what, I don’t know) that you’re actually making her out to be the very woman you claim she isn’t." What? "…making her out to be…" LOL!!!!! Stop thinking so hard and enjoy the sunshine. You’re getting more and more upset about a chick who won the heart of a cute man that you can’t stop writing about. You’re getting mad at folks who thought this should be more positive, so I called you out. My bad. I thought since you were so good at throwing ‘bows, you’d have a tougher chin. I think people are just saying don’t "hate" lol @the word everybody hates. I’ll pass on re-reading every single post. I got the gist. Also, I’m not old at all and I love life, which is probably why I am laughing at you. I’m not jaded yet. (hint hint). Maybe find a new industry and you won’t be so disenchanted. As far as why I commented on this blog, mission accomplished. I’m done now. No more corruption from me! I’ll let you continue on your kamikaze mission. Write ’til you’re dizzier!

  14. I don’t think I’ve commented before but as soon as I heard the news I knew I had to come over here and see if you were okay. And how was I rewarded for my compassion? The Vesta video. Snob, I know you are brokenhearted but did you really need to go there?

  15. @ black83…You’re throwing "bows"LMAO…Look strange person.LOL. I’m not mad, and I don’t care why you keep going back to that. But I’am a little bit concerned as to why you keep trying to pass off your incoherent thoughts as intelligible posts…Are you truly serious??? You and a couple of others are the ones who decided to jet ski yourselves into this thread to um…."call people out" simply because you don’t/didn’t agree with their POV…how childish…This thread was progressing smoothly before the ‘Hit Dogs’ started barking. Anyway, I hope I gave you the necessary attention that you needed before your guardian(s) escorts you back to your room…Cause you are clearly operating with three brain cells, two of which are in your back pocket. Get somewhere and sit down. LMBAO!!!!!!!!

  16. @ AllFor the record:1. TJ could not get this thread shut down even if he wanted to. (And he doesn’t want to. Free publicity, son!) That said, this thread is a pretty benign thread. I’m not even sure what this latest skirmish was over.2. Um … I’ll write it again …. EPIC. The fact that we’re at 121 comments on TJ’s engagement … EPIC!

  17. Marilee is not the catch she appears to be. She was deeply involved in a relationship when she starting cheating with TJ last summer.

  18. @ black83WOW son!! Your accusations on me and J sound like YOU’RE taking things too personally. And I don’t leave TJ messages all day everyday like the infamous Tyrone therefore you won’t find the female version of him in me. Just as I stated earlier THE POSTING ON THIS THREAD IS JUST FOR FUN!! So those who try to come on here and give their Dr. Phil diagnosis and prescriptions are the ones taking things too seriously. Now if you reply to this my mission is accomplished because it just shows you must have an infatuation with trying to "love life" by telling people off on blogs.

  19. I know marilee personally and although she doesn’t read these blogs, I do because I like the snob and have found this thread harmless but amusing. I haven’t been tempted to post until recently when the anonymous writer posted the shit about marilee cheating on her ex. Everyone who knows them know that it was over well before TJ and it has been over for a very long time now. I knew her ex would eventually write on this blog, especially as distraught as he was following their breakup and when he found out who she was dating. It would be harmless except for the fact that I can’t believe that a grown man would be so jilted that a year later, he’d be google stalking her and posting on this blog! That’s as crazy as Tyrone…

  20. @ Anonymous (Marilee’s a cheater)Ahem … LAME! I totally said to LEAVE THE CHILD ALONE. This is a celebration! (Or mourning, pick your party.) No hateration in my dancerie! We’re welcoming Marilee as a chick after a Snob’s widdle heart and she’s still a private fucking citizen so just zip it! Zip it good.@ Anonymous (Marilee’s friend)Girl (or guy), if I was Marilee I wouldn’t read it either. Back when I was a columnist I had my friends always check my hate mail or the local blogs on my behalf and told them that I only needed to know if it was something big and even then I just wanted to a summary. Rarely did I want to read what people wrote about me. Even when it was good (unless it was hilarious). @ AllThis is officially the longest thread I’ve ever had on the site. My comment will be the 126th post. Epic. And straight comedy from the lovers to the haters. Don’t let me stop you. Please continue. What’s Tyronne doing today? I haven’t checked. LOL.

  21. Curious question. At what point do you go from being a private citizen to taking the kid gloves off? Hence Amber Rose. She was not a celebrity and now she is a known name because she is dating Kanye West. Not saying Marilee is an Amber Rose, but at what point in your relationship do you cross over? There are many "private citizens" frequenting the gossip notes on blogs these days. And from another site I frequent I read Marilee dated a pro athlete. Isn’t there a two man celeb limit that pushes you into the public arena? LOL J/K Snob!

  22. @ Anonymously MeAmber Rose poses naked in King Mag. She’s no private citizen. She’s, quite frankly, a wannabe, star fucker. An awesome looking one, but she WANTS fame and attention. She’s in music videos. She was trying to get noticed pre-Kanye. Kanye was just the thing she needed to get more attention.Marilee is a lawyer who manages to stay fully clothed and has not been lobbying for TV time anywhere. Private citizens basically stay the hell out of the limelight, most folks wouldn’t know their name from Adam or recognize them in a police line up. As famous as TJ is, he’s no Kanye, so Marilee can marry him and still claim private citizen for probably the rest of her life as long as she chooses to stay in the background. (Even though it will be progressively harder to make the claim after they are married.)Personally, I consider almost anyone who can easily fade into obscurity after dating a famous someone as a private citizen. Even Juanita Jordan. I mean, what do we really know about her other than she was Mike’s wife and she’s now rich as hell for putting up with his foolishness all those years?Although, Juanita couldn’t claim it, I bet folks can’t pick her out of line up outside of Chicago.

  23. @ the Snob and @ anonymously meI totally agree that it’s understandable that people will want to know more about Marilee and be interested in her because of TJ. That’s totally understandable. She’s a smart girl and knows that as well. But, she is also a private person (to the extent that you can be under these circumstances) who has a professional career of her own where her reputation is also important, and I can see her trying to continue to maintain privacy to the extent possible. Thanks for calling out the anonymous ("Marilee’s a cheater") writer…everyone has been talking about jilted exes of TJ’s coming into the light…but, women can have jilted exes too!!! LOL!!!As to the comment about her having dated a professional athlete…the athlete being referenced is someone she dated back in college. Since college, he has gone pro and become well known, but they broke up back in college. Don’t know why anyone would find that information so interesting since that was like 9 years ago, but hey, to each their own.

  24. @Black SnobI get what you’re saying and like I mentioned, Marilee is definitely not an Amber Rose (Lord I hope not!) But how can you plan to marry a celeb in his own right, attend high profile functions on his arm and not lose some of your private status? I respect Marilee’s assumed wish to be out of the public eye, but she’s riding shotgun to someone who is obviously driving while recognizable. Even on here you get Marilee sighting updates from where she works to the ring size. Someone said they saw him in line and got curious so they came to this site. Who else did they see assuming the roll of private citizen? Marilee. I am quite sure at some point during her decision to even date this man she realized that their lives, including her own, would not remain 100% private.Even the assumed boyfriend’s comments or the likes of them can be expected when you are standing next to a personality like TJ. Catty and sort of weird – yes. But at the same time Marilee is not your average private citizen anymore. Do you know how many people follow on Twitter Beyonce’s assistant known on blogs as "Cousin Angie" because she is simply there? Now as for Juanita, yeah I can pick her out rather quickly and she, too, had a few lines of gossip about her attempts to date Sir Air, but that’s something for another day and another topic. LOL

  25. @ AnonymousHush! Whoever mentioned it made it sound like TJ is engaged to someone who recently dated an athlete, leading the reader to believe she went from that relationship to this one. @ Black SnobMeant to add, I wasn’t challenging your wish to keep her private. LOL Just never understood how people could want to walk on the private side when they are also in a position to be noticed. In this instance Marilee is sentenced to the public because of the activities she engages in with her well known fiance.Still running for the popcorn… Marilee is off limits, but TJ is a public person. Can someone call Chilli over in the Dasani aisle and ask her to host this segment after the break? LOL

  26. @ Anonymously MeNo worries. That’s a constant debate among journalists as to who is private and who is public and when do you stop being private and become public. Most people avoid going after the spouse or kids unless the spouse is a celeb themselves or does something "newsworthy." As long as she keeps it low key she should be fine.@ Anonymous (Marilee’s friend)Yeah, if I blow up I can’t WAIT for my ex-husband to resurface to explain his side of our crash n’ burn starter marriage that ended in 2001. Although after I hurt his widdle feelings he did promise to never speak to me again … on MySpace, of all things.@ AllStill waiting on my Tyronne update.

  27. LOL @ Snob waiting for Tyrone update.No sightings yet. But it’s still early and we all know Tyrone can pack a whole LOT of posts into a short period of time. I expect him to be salivating after not getting his TJ fix on the weekend. Should be mildly entertaining.

  28. @ anonymously meI apologize if my post seemed like I was attacking you for getting the impression that she recently dated an athlete based on the post you saw. I’ve only read this blog so don’t know what the post you saw said. I totally understand why information on a site would lead you to believe it could be true. When I said I don’t know why anyone would be interested in a relationship from that back in the day, I just meant that I don’t know why that would be interesting information for someone to post on a site since it’s so old. But, in defense of the person who posted it, maybe it’s someone from college who remembers the relationship and that’s all they would know about her.

  29. @ AnonymousNo offense taken at all. I didn’t take it personally, in fact I got a chuckle out of it (not at your expense). I thought it was hilarious someone even mentioned it when it was that long ago.

  30. I don’t think Tryone is Don Lemon!! LOL!! But before he changed his settings I looked at his friends list and in addition to the celebrities, he had a lot of friends who happened to be in the same network as my alma mater. Hmmmmmm??? Interesting!!! LOL!

  31. You all really keep me laughing!!Some thoughts:I think the post about Marilee and her "previous relationship" was uncalled for.Umm so I saw someone post the word Loutelious….and I was like what the hey is a loutelious? So I googled and sweet Jesus up above!! Going with T.J. was a smart move.Now this Pamela Reed character is on the same stuff Tyrone is. What in the world is in the water where they are??….cause they need to stop drinking it…now.Sidebar: Has anyone heard that TJ is in a frat?

  32. @ hilariousYeah!! I was thinking the same thing about Pamela Reed!! She really leaves him messages like he is going to respond back to her. LOL!!He’s soooooo pretty so I would guess that if he was in a frat it would be Kappas. But I could also see him being an Alpha. I know there is someone out there who knows if he’s in a fraternity and if so which one. Please share with us!!

  33. This thred was fine until the randoms decided to how up nd start accusing ppl of ‘hating’ LOL It was a good read nevertheless. Congrats TJ and Marilee! <3

  34. Was at the 100 Black Men of Atlanta President’s Breakfast that TJ hosted yesterday. TJ was there with Marilee, and TJ announced their engagement to the audience. It was really sweet.

  35. Kiran made a comment about TJ not having any children on American Morning yesterday and he didn’t correct her: I found that odd. She also assumed that TJ and Jason Caroll were both eligible bachelors after they finished the (older fathers make dumb children segment). Once again crickets, what’s up with that. I understand privacy but damn I guess TJ feels that his private life is just nobodies biz but

  36. TJ mentioned today on his twitter page that he’s taking a few weeks off. Think the wedding is about to happen?

  37. The wedding is for real. It’s scheduled for next year in another state for close family and friends only. He is completely inlove with this woman. He treats her like a queen. You have no idea. TJ treats Marilee as if she is the only woman on earth. Flowers all the time, dinner, surprises, romantic trips….he is totally inlove with every intention of marrying her. He’s off the market. Get used to it.

  38. Just came across this site after watching TJ on CNN yesterday. (Googled him). I know these comments are hella old and he has since gotten married, but I thought I would chime in. LOL@ Get Real. I love people demanding people to do things on the internet. I read all the comments and it appears as though TJ is treating (ed) his girl like he is Jay-Z and she is Beyonce (in terms of secrecy). Um, I like you TJ but you are no Jay-Z in terms of celebrity, and Marilee is certainly no Beyonce in terms of looks or celebrity. No need for all of this secrecy. In fact, I belong to another board where they were discussing Chili’s new reality show, and most people don’t know who the hell TJ is! I also love the whole ‘hater’ debate. I really didn’t see anything nasty said about his fiance, now wife. The slightest thing said in disagreement, someone is labelled a hater. LOL. Anyway, I am sure everyone knows his fiance’s name by now (when I googled his name, her first and last came up, and now she goes by her married name).

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