Euro Designers Tell de la Renta to Suck On It

I couldn’t resist posting this.

While in Europe Michelle did as the Romans do and wore European designers. Just like those chosen here, the selected few were doing happy dances and sippin’ the bubbly, so now Shelly O is their BFF “Fo’ life” and they didn’t take too kindly to American designer Oscar de la Renta’s recent complaints about Michelle picking high end mall gear and newbie designers.

In other words … nobody puts the First Lady in a corner!

“She wore it well; I couldn’t hope for better,” designer (Azzedine) Alaïa said. Oscar de la Renta scolded MObama for crossing over to foreign territory, and to that Alaïa responded, “It’s not up to him to give her lessons; Michelle Obama is of her time; Oscar de la Renta is no longer.”

Oh, snap! Fashion shows are about to get awkward! (via New York Magazine Online’s fashion blog, The Cut)

7 thoughts on “Euro Designers Tell de la Renta to Suck On It

  1. I still love Oscar’s work and I don’t think he is over. Azzedine is a great craftsman too but only his dress really had a tailored fit while she was there. No, I take that back. I loved the first dark floral coat she wore over a sheath. That fit well. Maybe Azzedine is ass-kissing in gratitude or maybe it’s a bitchslap approach grievance none of us are privy to between Azzedine and Oscar or Americans vs. European designers. But Azzedine needs to qualify his statements and admit he is happy his dress looked absolutely marvelous on her. I’m not falling for what could some old grievance stewing between particular parties because Oscar made sense in what he said. Why don’t you pull up some of Oscar’s past collections and allow us to judge if he is old-timey. I think he is Sarah Jessica Parker’s favorite designer by the way. I don’t know who else adores him but I think he is more revered than Azzedine in our country. I just can admire his talent to wish I could afford something of his because it is craftsmanship in his team’s collaborative works to put together an entire collection of his vision and themes. It’s not to say Azzedine does not have the same process because most designers do.

  2. Screw Oscar D. I am not a fashionista and I think he is wrong BUT even if he is right, he and Vera Wang et al handled it the WRONG WAY. If he thought that and wanted to handle the situation appropriately, he could have asked if he could make an appointment with Mrs. Obama, or her stylist, or send her a gracious letter pointing out what he thought in a gentle yet diplomatic manner, send her some sketches of his dresses or some actual samples in her size, and then see what she or her staff said. BUT NO. JACKASS had to go to the press and run his mouth. Now how you gonna diss and attempt to embarras someone in public who you want to use your stuff. For all he knew, Shelley O could have been planning to wear his or his crone like cronies clothes in the near future and now she won’t or at least I hope she won’t. What is it people’s Mom’s always say, "You catch more flies with lemonaide than with lemons"? Obviously despite his years and the wisdom and people skills he should have gained in that time, boyfriend missed the boat. I hope his sales drop off. Pompus SOB.

  3. I agree with the comments above that Oscar D went about it the total wrong way….I am willing to forgive him after his View appearance apologizing……I think what annoyed me is the fact that he can dictate what is "appropriate" to wear and when. I mean can Michelle Obama do her thing w/o eveyone and their mama jumping all over her for every little thingAnyways, its one thing to say "Mrs. O, I would love you to wear my stuff," but another thing to throw a hissy fit because she is notanways, I am willing to forgive Oscar, I suggest you guys watch his View appearance.

  4. Actually, Oscar de La Renta is Dominican born and defintely not of a time "no Longer." He’s just old school like most of the big designers moaning and crying because Michelle won’t give them any play. They always get play. It’s younger designer’s turn. Azzedine is iconic, his influence is all over Spring runways so he’ll never go away either. I like Oscar de La Renta ‘s fashion but I don’t like his attitude.

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