Day: April 13, 2009

I hate the term “hating.”

I hated the original term “playa hating” and now I hate how the word has spread and is now applied to everything. You can’t do any decent criticism without being accused of “hating” nowadays. This isn’t because hating doesn’t exist. Au contrar! The internet has made hating bigger (and more anonymous) than ever. Hence when you do have a legitimate point like, let’s say, “Solange Knowles is of average talent and her album sales reflect that,” you could be called a “hater.”

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Yes! They’re back! By a LANDSLIDE!

Honestly, I stopped doing “Incognegro” because I got tired of being accused of being some colorist despite the fact that it seems all black people are fascinated to some degree with it. Oh well. I have a mandate now! Fifty-three percent. So either we all hate ourselves, or we enjoy going “OMG! I had no idea Carly Simon had some black in her! But look at that hair!” Yes. It is back.


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