What to Wear … Answered!

Today’s shopping trip with Tiff was a rousing success! (Although I’m STILL waiting for that perfect shirt to arrive from Old Navy.)

First off, the great news: I am officially a size 16-18 pants again. That means I can wear a medium to large regular size top. No more plus sized tops! All the pants I tried on fit AMAZING. (Shoes, not so much), but it was was still great.

Yesterday on Facebook I went into more detail of what I wanted and I was actually able to find similar, well-made, but less expesive versions of my clothes, PLUS a khaki “Lois Lane-ish” Jones New York Trench coat, a skirt that fits like a dream and a black-and-white dress that I made look extra fierce. It was just a great self-esteem boost to go shopping and have to ask over and over for the “smaller” size. Gimmie another year and a half and I’ll be at my ideal weight with a healthy BMI!

Anyway. I will take pictures of the clothes and me in them while out and about. For now …. sleep is necessary.


The Snob

PS. Thanks everyone for the weather-based fashion advice for my trip to Harvard, NYC and DC. I think I have the appropriate look for each place thanks to your advice and some sluething on my own.


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