Snob Quoted in Uptown (Sort of)

As an intrepid reader noticed in Uptown Magazine’s April/May Edition, writers mention a quote from The Snob Blog about the Prince of West Memphis, Sir TJ Holmes of CNN Weekend.

They do this, sadily, without mentioning the name of the Snob or her blog.

Boo! But we love you anyway.

Here’s the quote from the article, page 46 by Ronda Racha Penrice:

(A) commenter on one blog described him as “the most delectable man alive.”

And here’s the full version the quote from the original Google Stalking TJ Holmes piece by “Anonymous”:

TJ Holmes is the hottest most delectable human being alive. I have had a crush on this man since I first laid eyes on him. To create a man this beautiful has got to be a sin. (August 31, 2008)

C’mon. Ya’ll could AT LEAST hook a sister up with a photo. You know I’m too lazy to scan. See TJ on shelves (Jamie Foxx is on the cover) now.

2 thoughts on “Snob Quoted in Uptown (Sort of)

  1. wow, that’s about the laziest bit of plagiarism ever. I love how they substitute "man" for "human being". Nice!

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