Ever Wonder Who The Snob Is In Real Life?

Besides a bipolar, ex-reporter addicted to blogging.

I’m Batwoman. AKA Brucilla Wayne. Seriously.

I’ve set up a separate page for my illustrations since I’ve gotten so many inquires about them. The answer is yes, I am an artist on top of being a writer. I also sing a mean version of “Mack the Knife.”

Or at least I used to five ears ago when I still knew all the words.

Enjoy the doodles. I also doodle for pay!

And don’t worry. This is the safe stuff. It does get weird over time.

PS. For those who don’t care for doodles there MAY be some kind of TJ Holmes photo gallery at the bottom or something. No big!

2 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Who The Snob Is In Real Life?

  1. Snob,On another note–pls. help me out on Facebook (and my blog). Apparently I blasphemed (in bamma world) when I dared question whether Steve Harvey’s new book was truly necessary for western civilization and relayed info that some of it might have been plagiarized. (the question becomes why would you plagiarize some silly anyway unless you…your greedy publishers…have a low opinion of your fanbase).

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