Black to the Future

Then’s Lt. Uhuru and now’s Officer Dualla: Sisters, still answering the phone in the future after all this time. Is this like nursing where almost all the switchboard operators are black and they get together and gossip about the white folks on break?

Who knew segregation would STILL be a problem millions of years in the future?

Once you get past the arrogance of humans assuming we’re going to last that long, sci-fi is really an enjoyable medium, one of my favorite in fact. I loved Star Trek (crappy 70s and brilliant Next Gen). I’m getting into the new Battlestar Gallactica. I love anything with a cyborg in it (save “Universal Soldier.”) I even like Japanese anime (futuristic, dreamy, erotic, Hitchcockian, robotic or apocalyptic please — or all those things at once. Fuck a Dragonball).

But when it comes to black people and the future the baddest mo fo we have are Lando and Worf and one of those two is not supposed to be a “black” guy (although he is a “black” Klingon). And as hard as I stan for some Michael Dorn doing some sacrificial bloodletting at his own wedding, I’m still wondering why we, as brown people, haven’t made to the future when we vastly out number our European homies?

I mean … shouldn’t the future be more … brown?

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Aside from The Matrix Trilogy (which we’re not going to talk about lest I start dropping f-bombs like it’s WWIII), the future is amazingly Negroless, where did we go?

Some theories anyone? (Besides the obvious: the writers are white and don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about writing us into the future.)


1. Segregation. Most of us are working the elevator lifts and have other shitty jobs no one else wants.

2. New DNA technology allows us to be “bred” out making, white skin a dominate gene trait.

3. Still too broke for space!

4. New technology allows people the choice on whether to be born black or not. God. Was that a story in “Faces At the Bottom of the Well” because that sounds scary as shit.

5. Hey! That AIDS finally worked. Wait. What?

OK. I’ve officially scared myself with all these oddly plausible scenarios. Anyone else got a theory on how we got left behind?

53 thoughts on “Black to the Future

  1. Danielle, There is a vibrant community of writers, artists and budding movie makers over on: http://www.blacksciencefictionsociety.comwho are discussing this issue and, unlike many of us here and other places, are actively trying to do something about it. I just bought three books offa Amazon on the strength of reviews I read there. In many cases, the actual authors, including industry heavyweights like Charles Saunders, are members and active posters. Its worth a looksee. 🙂 </shameless promotion>

  2. Or maybe it's the case of everyone has mixed into one giant mixed future where everyone is a mutt. She looks German but she has Jamaican blood in her and whatnot.

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