Hustlenomics: Square Butts For BK By Rapper Most Commonly Confused With Tone Loc

Um … what?

Burger King has recruited one-hit-wonder Sir Mix-a-Lot to transform his classic ode to ass “Baby Got Back” into a commercial promoting their new SpongeBob SquarePants Happy Meal to kids. To give some background on the evolution of the single, “Baby Got Back” was once quarantined in late-night music-video blocks because MTV deemed it too sexual for prime-time television in 1993. Now it’s being used during college basketball commercial breaks to sell hamburgers to children. (Rolling Stone)

The recession is messing with people’s minds. But not Sir Mix-A-Lot. He is as clear as day on his hustlenomics. He would have done this shizz in the Big Money Bill Clinton 90s. The guy made “My Hooptie” and “Put’em on the Glass.” He has no shame.

And I love him for it. Booty is booty and money is money.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have some letters of comdemnation to write to Burger King for still using that freaky ass King in their commercials. He’s not Ronald. He’s not Jack. He’s fucking horrifying. I have nightmares about that thing. Darius Rucker should have killed you when he had the chance.

7 thoughts on “Hustlenomics: Square Butts For BK By Rapper Most Commonly Confused With Tone Loc

  1. The King is a stalker and this commercial is suuuper inappropriate. Just because the booties became boxes does not remove the sexual connotation.

  2. This is wrong on so many levels BUTT…… it is so shocking that I was cracking up laughing!!! (pun intended)

  3. These things have to be planned. They know this ad is going to generate controversy, so they figure it’s worth the bad publicity as long as people keep thinking about the commercial. Madison Avenue has some evil geniuses working there.

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