Go East Young Woman! (The Snob Comes to the East Coast)

The hairdo I will attempt for the trip. Pray for me.In my rambling about clothes I forgot to update you all on the fact that YES The Snob is coming to the East Coast next week for a host of reasons, the no. 1 of which yours truly was invited to take part in a panel during Harvard University’s Black Policy Conference.

In its fifth year, the event happens April 17-18 at Cambridge, Mass. This years major speakers feature Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick (obviously), Essence editor Susan Taylor, theologian and author Michael Eric Dyson.

(More after the jump.)

Along with clothes The Snob has debated her hair and has decided to go with … sigh … spirals. Even though they’re painful and take forever. I look awesome in them.I’ll be participating (I think) in the second panel, “Uniting in Struggle: African Affairs in the Obama Administration.” But I’m not 100 percent about that.

After Harvard, my friend, creative partner, consultant and professional hand-holder Dorothy and I willl be going to NYC and Washington, D.C. for various meetings with publications, donors, friends and individuals involved in the TV pilot we are developing.

Hence the clothes discussion.

Anyway … I’m plenty excited. The Snob is coming to a town near you! And in D.C. we’ll be having a little meet-in-greet (still being planned, so don’t ask). I’ll keep you posted on how things go …. and what I end up wearing.

After that I’ll be going to Arkansas in May to see my cousin DeShawn graduate from college along with 20 billion members of the Robinson-Adams clan, then it’s off to Blogging While Brown to finally meet all those other bloggers, especially Gina and Co. And that trip should be double fun becuase bloggers + Chitown Cousins = Good Times. I, alas, grew up sheltered and apart from my cousins Stephanie and Kelly, so I’m super excited about seeing them in June during Blogging While Brown.

A matter of fact, big ups to all my cousins who found my blog. See? Having an ordinary sounding but rare British last name has its perks!

18 thoughts on “Go East Young Woman! (The Snob Comes to the East Coast)

  1. Say hello to cousin Ethel and uncle Jeb for me, and tell them I’ll catch ’em at the next hoedown.

  2. What a wonderful opportnuity Danielle; enjoy! Will you please tell Michael Eric Dyson that I LOVE him?! Thanks

  3. This is all wonderful and great stuff. Hope the hair is everything you want it to turn out to be!

  4. Welcome to DC. I hope to get you meet you (if you are inviting lurkers to your meet-in-greet). Love the blog, long time reader – recent commenter. Have a blast while you are here.

  5. what is this confrence for? Is it the State of the Black Union 2. Is it more talking and no action?

  6. You’ll be just down the river from me while you’re at Harvard! Let me know what you think of the Boston area – I’d love to hear your perspective on our puritan state.

  7. Hey all you DC folks, be sure to respond to Danielle’s poll on FB about where we should head. Busboys is obviously going to happen but I’m giving her the dime tour while shes here so fire away with ideas or suggestions of must sees.Cant wait to meet other Snobs here in the District, should be fun.

  8. @ conservativeblkwomanAre you on FB? That’s where the details to the meet-and-greet are and of course you’re invited. I’d love to meet you. You were the first conservative you said "Hey! You’re actually funny and not a complete asshat for a Liberal!" I appreciated the friendly dialog! I like it when we can focus on issues, then party like regular folks.@ politicallyincorrectConsidering that it’s thrown by students, not a personality, a university, not a corporation, no one knows much about it, it’s fairly knew, it get’s little press and I’m in a group discussing AFRICA — not Obama here, but Obama and the MOTHERLAND — and Dyson is the biggest cat there, I’m gonna go with … no. But thanks for keeping me on my toes.It’s mostly student workshops.

  9. I’m bummed that I’ll miss you in Boston! I’ll be in SF next week! Knock ’em dead!PS: Did you know that I’m blogging at Change.org now on poverty? Link is above!!

  10. I received my BLACK SNOB t-shirt today! It is gray outside and a little cold, and I have no car (*sniff*), but the shirt brings me joy.I haz a happy.

  11. @ LeighWhoo hoo! You are prolific (and you were able to make the leap it seems). Glad to hear you’re at Change.org. Do you have your own page? I’ll link to it.@ MIchelleI’m so glad you like the shirt.. So far the Snob gear has turned out prettty sweet!

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