Jon Stewart Explains the Concept of “Losing”

Something, if you’re a Liberal, Democrat or just don’t like Republicans, you’re veeeee-rrry familiar with since Reagan swept all but one state in 1984.

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Damn you, George Orwell.

PS. Best zinger “speaking crazy to power.” Totally using that one, Stewart.

7 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Explains the Concept of “Losing”

  1. Pure gold, that Jon Stewart. He’s so funny and so right on. It’s bizarre to hear black people at this website almost talking the same way about Obama, like he’s about to declare himself ruler of the whole world. Absolutely nuts!

  2. Hey Dani,You got mentioned on the sly in this month’s UPTOWN magazine in an article about TJ Holmes. They described everything except your blog name. Page 46 with Jaime Foxx on the

  3. Ha Ha….LOL. I loved it. He was right. If the Republicans do not get their acts together, they will be extinct.

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