Hot Topics: Stacey’s the Highlander, Spain Indicts Bush and No One Cares, Pope Dooms Africans and You Care About Me and Each other

Hot topic time!

Stacey Dash refuses to get old. She was playing a teen as recently as her 30s. I may have to rethink theory that Sen. Robert Byrd is the Highlander. I realize the Highlander is supposed to be Scottish or Irish or something, but Stacey’s a black American. God only knows what’s really flowing in those veins besides the motherland.

Did you know that Spain is thinking about indicting ex-president Bush but he can avoid arrest if he, like, NEVER goes to Spain so their indictiment means nothing? Geniuses.

The Pope thinks if you should just die. Seriously. Just die, Africa. Yeah, you’ve got a “little” AIDS epidemic that’s leaving a generation of orphans. And yeah, it only adds to the instability and allows warlords and dictators to tighten their reign. And YEAH, condoms might help stop nonsense like people raping young girls because they’re seen as HIV free. But no condoms because it promotes premarital sex and … gasp … they might not work … except in the Bay Area and other parts of the US and Western countries where the spread of HIV was reigned in through safer sex practices and condoms.

News flash to Pope: People fuck.

Do you like your people dead or alive because last I checked Catholic’s had a pro-life policy? Don’t make me fling a shoe at that policy twice in one day!

The Snob’s widdle heart was touched by all the folks who wrote words of love and encouragement in regards to my illness, one that afflicts millions of others and goes undiagnosed in countless African Americans because they fear the stigma that comes with seeking help. Thanks for taking that step with me to eliminate the view that mental illness is something you can control rather than a disease.

12 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Stacey’s the Highlander, Spain Indicts Bush and No One Cares, Pope Dooms Africans and You Care About Me and Each other

  1. I think something can both be a disease AND be controlled/managed. Mental illness is really a catch-all term for a dark star-filled constellation of illnesses, some of which mimic others symptomatically but do not have the same causes. For instance, I think some of us truly have bad genetically linked brain chemistry, while others of have suffered head injuries or emotional abuse. Any of these things can cause depression, schizophrenia, and a bunch of other things. It’s why the ‘talking cure’ works for some but not for others, and why zoloft can make some people better and happier while driving others to suicide.The study of mental illness is still in a sort of pre-Darwinian era in which it’s assumed that things which look alike are the same. Just as we found out a few years ago that rabbits and hares aren’t related to each other at all despite their seemingly clear similarities, I think what we call ‘mental illness’ is not a single disease. We just don’t have the knowledge to give a full diagnosis yet for most people, and so those of us who suffer are like patients in a typical episode of House, but with few competent diagnosticians to be found before our hour is up.For myself, rest and meditation work, and exercise makes a big difference- it’s kept me out of hospitals. For you, none of these things might do any good, and so you might have to take a ‘vacation’ every few years- but we might not really have the same disease even though we are both labeled bi-polar. We might simply be as alike as rabbits and hares, but not yet be in a world where doctors can look past symptoms to offer us true cures at this time.You have my prayers- I’ve come close a few times to voluntarily committing myself, and at least once I should have been put in the psych ward for my own good. i just pray every day that people like ourselves find answers that can help us without ruining the quality of our lives.

  2. Technically, if Spain really does issue an arrest warrant for Bush then he should be at risk everywhere in the Western world because I believe Spain has bilateral extradition treaties with all these countries including the US. That’s why white collar criminals have to hide on islands somewhere off the coast of Africa or in the Caribbean. Plus every time Bush crosses an international border interpol would have to alert the Spanish. Of course this is all in my little fantasy world 🙂 Good times…. in reality there simply isnt the political will to get it done. shame!

  3. We need to get hold of some of Stacey’s DNA and test the hell out of it. Once we find "Factor-X", bottle that juice up, patent it and make it rain on my bank account.

  4. You put me in mind of Gloria Steinham’s comment that people kept remarking about how young and attractive she looked because no one knows what a 40-year-old woman really looks like. But hey, remember how Lena Horne kept getting younger for decades? I know black people tend not to age as badly as white people do, but turning back time is an unusual quality.On the other hand, Ratzinger is just a monster.

  5. Even though i speak french, this time i have to comment. I hope you understand my message. I’m quiet disappointed in the way you came about the pope’s message. Have you even ever took the time to fully read the idea behind the position of the church about this? i don’t think so. I know 3 married people in Togo that died from AIDS . i know for sure that one of the wifes is HIV positive. So will the married couple have to be using condom all the time as well in case the husband cheat on them ? Like c’mon how hard is it to recognize that free sex with no rules has a lot to do with the spread of the sicknenness ( ) Yet, i might be mistaken but i don’t think that you will ever be that harsh on the over and over promotion of sex for sex that is all over the place nowadays. Don’t you thing that the reason why abstinence is not practiced is bcuz almost every media (including blogs ) is promoting sex without commitment (using others people body for your own pleasure not caring what damage their heart will get). Abstinence always works. It is the message that rarely come across bcuz the reasons behind it ( spiritual and emotional) are not well explained or for one abstinence message we have 10 000 sex for the sake of sex message. Teh media never give the full message of the pope they only pick the sentence that do not like and demonise the pope. Now if someone is not christian, i still do not understand why they can not promote sex after the marriage and then propose condomn to those who are not convinced so that they are protected. Why are they always talking about sex like just another activity. It is not. It is one of the most powerfull demonstration of love. They are dehumanizing sex and helping the spread of physical and emotional sicknessAlso, catholics believe in eternal life. We are not atheist. We think we have a soul and our lord died on a cross for a better life for all of us after death. So yes, we are prolife but we are specialy pro eternal life. We are supose to want to be like christ and prefer suffering than not loving our brothers. Slipping with someone that you do not fully love is not an act of charity toward your brother nor toward yourself. Love is more then feelings. It is a comitment on top of that. Nobody is forced to listen to the pope , but we have the right and the duty to say what we think like other says what they think (sex sex sex) and Danielle don’t seem to bother much. Everybody knows that the pope is a spiritual leader. So you can’t take what he says out of contexte. It is for a spiritual purpose and only those who believe in our conception of life love and death really listen to what he says. He explains his position but the media never talk about it. Remember, nobody is forced to him, nobody. I do not have anything more intellectual on youtube to share but this links and the one above can help understand a little bit:

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