Early Mother’s Day Gift: Michelle and Mom On Essence

That’s a gorgeous, warm, loving shot, I tell you what. Makes me want to go smother Mama Snob in hugs an kisses.

Also, anyone know how many times Michelle had been on either Essence or Ebony now?

15 thoughts on “Early Mother’s Day Gift: Michelle and Mom On Essence

  1. I don’t read Essence or Ebony. I have to admit that Ebony has improved tremendously but not Essence. One must wonder what publications and The Obamas are thinking in oversaturating our lives with them. I see the force dynamics to build a monarchy with the assistance of the free press duplicit to seduce advertisers with their obvious close connections to The Obama circle. Where we are now, the media is dependent on streaming on Obama appeal for all long as they can but at the same time, it is telling us who to be and what is the appropriate trends to follow and model ourselves after in being everything like them. Michelle is being shaped by media to be our Princess Di and I guess for the next 4 years we will see more covers to push an idea to follow because it is Obamacentric.We’ve known that before The Obamas surfaced to relevance Essence would have Mary J Blige and Monique and Beyonce on the cover ever often. The creative agency at that magazine had already diminished to supporting the celebrity is our salvation scheme to promote our socialized value systems to consider celebrities our center. And now they get to, for Essence with Time Warner, get to serve as The Obama communications firm. This only but puts the corporate ladder and creative teams at Essence in esteem favor with Time Warner to strengthen ties to the White House as well as pull advertisers from competitors during this economic crisis. Why change the model now? It is set in motion that even to do good, one must abuse/utilize the culture of popularity/celebrity to move the crowds because it has been in motion to become normalized reality for so long as the only way some demographics know their lives to function and gain direction and information on how to live.I can see where this is going and if The Obamas allow it to continue, we will be seeing more covers of them. And while it is perfectly fair, it is quite obvious. The Obamas practice utilizing the cult of popularity to reshape the world. It’s good and its bad. It’s bad when we have people not knowing what is going on to us in the name of goodwill and popularity. Our lives become defined to all things about them and will be recalibrated to meet the meritocratic measure of having to reengineer ourselves to their models. I swear we are living in a monarchy now. (Ironic, Kings recent episode was about this issue but it was created sometime ago in production. The timing is fit for illumination and exploration of what we are living through right now in real-time.)

  2. The 3rd episode of Kings was about this issue too. So far the show is about this phenomenon.

  3. @ The Uppity Negro:I thought it was just me when I saw this cover on Essence’s website. I think their makeup may be too light, because even in the behind the scenes photos (that wouldn’t be touched up) their complexions look lighter. Mrs. Robinson’s hair looks fantastic, though.

  4. @ AndreaEssence has the same problem a lot of women’s mags have — they’re running out of things to talk about. I read the most recent copy while I was in the hospital and it could have been an Essence I read when I was 13. Nothing changes. The photography continues to improve though.@ Robert MI haven’t looked at those links so they better be ironic or kosher, mister!@ the uppity negroEssence/Ebony are notorious for airbrushing the hell out of Michelle, so it’s not surprise that their skin tone might look a little off.

  5. Michelle and her mother look gorgeous! But I haven’t picked up an Ebony or Essence in years.

  6. Again I say, "The revolution will not be televised, but Obama will".This is branding. And it sucks.Here is the key. Do what Obama has asked us to do for our children "Turn off the tv’s" and don’t buy the magazines.

  7. Ebony- first cover with her and then Senator Obama, then by herself, then this year, a Black and White cover of them on the campaign trail (that’s 3)Essence – the family, then the photoshopped one from hell, then this one with her mother (that’s 3)yes. I will have them all.

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