Day: April 7, 2009

I love Kal Penn.

I love him on “House.” I loved him in the “Harold and Kumar” movies even though they were too … um … testosterone filled for me and kind of gross, yet still funny. I think he’s cute. Sexy even. Hence his inclusion on “The Great Wall of Sexy.”

(Hindis represent! Actually, I think a lot of Hindi and Desi — and, um, large regions of Africa, South America, the West Indies and Asia — men are hot. But then I’m one of those weird women who don’t mind the insane hairiness of everyone from the Lebanese to the Persians to the Desi. Mmmm … Naveen Andrews … but I digress.)

Penn is going to be working under White House Senior Advisor and all around fierce tiny person Valerie Jarrett on Asian-American relations.

Again, damn. That Administration just gets better and better looking.

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It’s time for another display in Obama Era Hustlenomics. Please discuss these!

From New York Daily News (via AOL/Blackvoices):

Two city fast-food joints are calling themselves Obama Fried Chicken — and the new names are ruffling some feathers.

Eateries in Brooklyn and Manhattan plastered the new president’s last name on their awnings recently.

And some passersby are cringing, saying the name change plays into old racial stereotypes.

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