Would You Like Some Cheese to Go With That Whine?

Oscar de la Renta: (Dressed First Ladies Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan … and I think Michelle Obama, once.)

“American fashion right now is struggling,” says Oscar de la Renta. “I think I understand what [Obama and her advisers] are doing, but I don’t think that is the right message at this particular point….I don’t object to the fact that Mrs. Obama is wearing J. Crew to whatever because the diversity of America is what makes this country great. But there are a lot of great designers out there. I think it’s wrong to go in one direction only.”

He also took a jab at the outfit the first lady wore to meet Queen Elizabeth: “‘You don’t…go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater.'”

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Donna Karan: (Makes clothes I can’t afford)

“I hope and believe that this is just a moment,” says Karan. “And I hope to be able to dress her, and not only dress her but address her, sit down — I’m interested in her totality as a woman.”

Vera Wang: (Who is all kinds of played out)

“I love seeing young designers and their vision and how they grow and all of that,” she says. “On the other hand, of course, I wish she would consider some of us, because I think we also have contributions to make.”

Ahem … STFU.

Please, Oscar, et al. You’re rich, well-known and your clothes are worn by everyone from Angelina to British Royalty. Boo-fucking-hoo, mon ami. Boo-fucking-hoo.

For the first time someone isn’t kissing YOUR special asses. Well, welcome to the club where all you get is one-ply toilet paper and your hand to do your business. You had your turn. Let Kai Milla, Thankoon, Jason Wu and Tracy Reese have a shot. For YEARS people exclusively wore you and no one else and this sense of “I’m special because I’m rich and Anna Wintour has my cell phone number” is getting ridiculous.

You look small. And we both know your fat ass ain’t small, Oscar.

Suck it up, my friend. Design better clothes! This is America. You’re supposed to have competition. (Freepers know what I’m sayin’.)  You need competition even of the brown, yellow and red kind. And there is nothing sadder than rich people complaining when folks are living in a tent city outside of Fresno.

Someone, please play Saul Williams’ “List of Demands” for these people because Oscar de la Renta is just a baby and his diaper is wet.

(Source: Huffington Post)

24 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Cheese to Go With That Whine?

  1. There’s been some interesting comments to this article on jackandjill.com regarding these top designers lamenting being left out by Mrs. Obama (a woman of color), and comparing their "plight" to that of models of color being left out on the runways, in print ads, beauty product campaigns, etc. It is truly hypocritical to see how entitled these designers feel to be full participants in what Michelle Obama wears – because it comes down to money, yet they see no contradiction in not hiring black models or other models of color to sell their wares.

  2. I think the point is the world is changing. Fashion is changing. The world is tired of seeing antiquated designs from these designers, we need the fresh, the inovative, and more importantly the affordable. While I dont imagine myself purchasing a Jason Wu design any time soon, I’d rather give him my hard earned bucks the Vera, or Oscar. Some houses have completely forgotten that the world economy is down and making 30K dresses are out of style. While I cant be sure what the price points for Mrs. O frocks are, I am sure these designers dont compare to the prices or some of the larger houses. Furthermore, and probably most importantly – she looks good her clothes. There is something to be said about her personal style. Maybe Donna, Oscar & Vera, should take note.

  3. Look, I know they’re in the fashion business and all, but they do realize she has another three full years in the WH right? And if Barry gets re-elected that’s another seven. So there are going to be plenty of times she’ll be overseas or hosting parties in Washington and more than likely she will pull out the De La Renta or the Wang or the DK dress. Sheesh, these people need to get a grip. And also I’m pretty sure the country (as a whole) would not want to see Mrs. O wearing some stupidly priced designer gown when people can barely, if at all, pay their mortgage. Michelle can’t win-wear a mid priced outfit or showcase an up and coming designer and she pisses off the fashion establishment. Wear an overpriced dress and piss off the country (well, the right wing. I don’t care what she wears as long as it looks good).

  4. I imagine them with their faces pressed against the window of a club they are not allowed in. How does the Windex taste? I just read a recent article about Naomi Campbell’s continued fight against the exclusion of black models. She never stops talking about the problem. I applaud her for not shutting up.

  5. They need to get over themselves and step up their game and lower their prices. Then, maybe the First Lady will start wearing their clothes.

  6. They really do need to stop crying. I get the impression that these big name designers had their little plans for Mrs. O. Well guess what, she has plans of her own.

  7. De La Renta is a schmuck. Michelle will wear his clothes when he quits been so entitled, expensive and designing and tailoring clothes for the anorexic. In short NEVER. For years, first ladies etc all thought they had to wear his clothes for the big occasions – Hillary and Laura Bush certainly did and he for the most part made them look terrible. I wouldnt pay $10 for some of the dresses he put on them and definitely not $10,000. I still have nightmares about the banana peel dress De La Renta put Cindy McCain in during the GOP convention. http://www.vanityfair.com/online/politics/2008/09/cindy-mccains-300000-outfit.html Nightmares! Run Michelle Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. They just want to use her and she ain’t playin’ there game.So all these pricey anorexic white girl lovin’ designers can take their ball and go home.The rest of us will be playing hopscotch without you.

  9. Oh please. Of course these people are asking for attention – they are American designers of long standing and dont appreciate being ignoed. hard to believe any of the posters here are actually fashionphiles or they wouldnt post such lamebrained teenrage crap. And btw, I think Michelle has the right to wear any cheap ill fittingunflattering clothes that she wants. But Ishe might want to think twice and find some Americans who know how to tailor just as well to show off her glowing health and beauty.

  10. Lady, you are way too funny, but this is the truth and they all know it. Tavis Smiley needs some cheese to go with his whine because he’s attempting to turn his shine back on after his lights had been turned off by the president. Check out this mess from: http://adage.com/mediaworks/article?article_id=135789The advertisers have no apparent reason to whine if they would include Americas diverse population in the majority of their ads, television and in the magazines.

  11. I admire Oscar and I admire the story of him adopting his fine ass son, Moises or Moses (something like that) from his homeland. Oscar uses Black models. He just does not design for our broke asses. He is not sympathetic to pay us any attention. We are not his niche. He designs for the rich who are skinny because they smoke or don’t eat. He is an artist and hires artisans. But I don’t spend that much time holding a grievance against him because he wanted to design for the rich–not poor and working class people like me. I accept my limitations and his aspirations. And I take his criticism in consideration that this man will continue to make money even if Michelle keeps ignoring him. Oscar has a loyal clientelle that does not need Michelle’s blessing. He is really sincere with his criticism because he is a craftsman that comes from a different time period and upholds tradition.Not all traditions are to be torn down.I would definitely let Oscar dress me because at least he would design it for my body type. I gotta stop with the sugar. I have a pouch on a skinny frame. He would design around my pouch and increasing thighs.Oscar can design for her hips and tiny waist in ways off-the-rank items are not courteious to her body shape (tiny waist, tall, wide hips, flat stomach). He is from the Dominican Islands and he knows people of color. Now the other two designers…well…uhh…I never liked Vera Wang’s personality so I am biased against her. She…she does not get down with Negroes and she needs the social promotion Michelle could grace upon her. I’m indifferent to Donna Karan either way.I just think Oscar is speaking from experience and he does not need anyone at this point of his life or career to promote him. He has a living legacy that defends his approach to formally criticize. He is an elder and elder craftsman that knows what he is talking about.

  12. oscar and them need to quit their bitching, their massive sense of entitlement is anything but endearing. a couple of thoughts on this:1. when he says that michelle isn’t helping the american fashion industry, what he really means is that she isn’t helping the oscar de la renta industry. up an coming designers are the ones who need the most help in a struggling industry, and michelle is turning these newcomers into household names by wearing them; clearly the old guard is having a little bit of a tantrum over it. 2.what also grates is that these same designers don’t care to have black women wearing their clothes on the catwalk and aren’t throwing free clothes at minorities in hollywood like they do the rest of the anorexic blonde starlets, now all of a sudden they want michelle to go to them first; no thanks, if she was any other black woman they wouldn’t care that she wasn’t wearing their clothes. 3. michelle also can’t be seen wearing their 10,000-20,000 outfits, if she did ,she’d be savaged so badly that what happened to nancy reagan would look like a picnic. 4. oscar de la renta has been dressing first ladies for 30 years, think back to the dreaful outfits that were worn by hillary and the bush ladies, those were all oscar. i for one hope michelle stays far away from his designs, she’s younger and more modern than those women and dresses accordingly. so yeah get over your big headed selves. michelle has better things to do than meet with donna karen; and oscar, trashing her publicly is probably not the best way to get michelle to wear your dowdy clothes.

  13. I wonder if Oscar seriously thought whining to the media was the best way to have the First Lady consider wearing his clothes.Doesn’t he realize that the First Lady is wearing American designers? And yes it is delightful to see how people behave when they’ve explicitly been told that they too must wait their turn?Sigh.

  14. She’ll be First Lady for another 3 years, 8 months. Maybe, if they hadn’t dogged her out, she’d wear their stuff. Maybe Michelle Obama doesn’t want to wear clothes made for anorexic 15 year olds. Black Snob..YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED!!

  15. OH SNOB!!! HOW IM GLAD YOU’RE BACK, while all these events were going on, Im like oh Snob would have a GREAT response to all the nonsense!!I can’t even add anything more, you said it rightps: so while Oscar De La Renta and his friends had no use for black models, now he wants to USE Mrs. O to sell more clothes so he can add to his millions??!! I don’t even think he is interested in her as a person, just what she can do for him. How so selfish, and elitist!! I personally will hate Mrs. O turning to the big prices clothes, it is so not who she is!!SCREW YOU DE LA RENTA!!

  16. I hate to be redundant but these are the same clowns who have completely whitewashed runways. I bet they never thought for a second they would be clamoring..hell begging to dress the first African American first lady. And nothing wrong in wearing a sweater to meet the queen. Hello? Its the queen of England….what would he have her wear? A Flamenco dress?They need to stop!

  17. STFU, indeed. Vera Wang?!? Is she serious? Mrs Obama can wear whatever she wants to wear, where is it written that she must only wear what the fashion elite say is acceptable? And Oscar talking about sweaters…. the Queen herself was so taken with Michelle that she put her arm around her. Sweaters (or jumpers/cardigans) are a staple of the English upper classes, so it was actually quite a fitting choice.

  18. If I had a choice and could afford to make that choice, I would have someone like Oscar de la Renta personally tailor my entire wardrobe. I’ve liked the dresses of his that I’ve seen on celebrities and runways. I’ve never been impressed by Vera Wang nor Donna Karan’s fashions but that could be more of a question about my taste than their talent. Now, if I could afford to have Oscar tailor my entire wardrobe, I still wouldn’t do it. There are too many designers, new, old and upcoming, out there to sample. Why limit to just one? What is wrong with wearing mass produced or mass merchandised clothing from Banana Republic or J. Crew if they fit you? It’s not like she is meeting the Queen in something from Dots and shoes from Payless (although I’m a huge fan of Payless). Remember the speech from the movie The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep talks about how high fashion is seen in everything right down to Andy’s utiliarian wardrobe from BR? Wearing Banana Republic is an ode to the American fashion industry even if O’s name is not stitched in the tag.

  19. I’m surprised that Oscar de la Renta isn’t aware of the honoured place that the cardigan has in British society and British fashion. The cardigan (casual, semi-casual and dressy) is much worn by upper class and upper middle class British women. It is not regarded as a lowly fashion piece as it seems to be in the US. I don’t remember hearing the British press criticize Mrs. Obama for wearing a cardigan, just the US media. Mrs. O’s sparkly cardigan struck the right note for the occasion, and she did not commit the classic faux pas of being overdressed for the occasion. And Mr. de la Renta ought to be familiar with the status of the cardigan in British fashion even if he, coming from a Latin background, doesn’t agree with it. I think he was just peeved that Mrs. Obama didn’t wear a cardigan designed by him or another haute coutourier. What’s wrong with the up and coming designers getting some attention? That helps the fashion economy too. There’s just way too great a sense of entitlement in the comments from these "top" designers.

  20. Bravo Snob! Bravo, so well-written–wish I had said it. I like De La Renta, because he is a Latin, but seriously he needs to shut up. Vera Wang and Donna Karan too. They are just sucking on sour grapes because Michelle doesn’t feel beholden to them. Her sense of style is from within, not without, and that is what bugs them. She’s not an insecure woman looking to be "done" by them. As Andre Leon Talley himself observed, "Michelle Obama does not need a stylist." And Andre thinks everybody needs to be re-styled, by himself of course, so if he is saying that Michelle, it is TRUTH.She is giving young American designers of color a higher profile, and wearing clothes from an American company–(even though their clothes are made overseas) how is that not good for the fashion industry here in the states?And other commenters are right–if Michelle stepped out in a $30,000.00 dress, the Republicans would have a field day; she and Barack would get eaten alive.And the Queen LOVED Michelle! She put her arm around her! I spent much time in England, and if an English person of the Queen’s "caste" touches you like that, YOU ARE IN. It is rare because they are SO not touchy feely. Michelle is the real deal. I love it!

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