Old News: Obamas Go to Europe, Look Great, Snob Too Lazy to Write Anything Meaningful. Will Try Harder Tomorrow. Promise n’ Shizz.

So many outfits, so little time.

This is my “Michelle goes to Europe and looks better than you” feature. My “The Obamas Go to Europe and Everyone, Like Assholes, Has An Opinion” feature will run Tuesday. For now enjoy the fluff n’ stuff.

(More pictures after the jump)

I’ve run out of adjectives. Honestly. And if you don’t think they’re cute enough here …

The belt is BACK, ya’ll! (Not that I haven’t noticed it in a few other outfits recently.) Oh, and the hubby looks sweet too. A male pal of mine can’t get over how Barack’s fade is always perfectly lined up, therefore he must have some in house barber man. Considering he can’t walk to a podium without swaggering like he just won a Grammy (wait, he’s done that), I wouldn’t be shocked if Reggie Love knew how to line it up.

Shoes. Gotta be the shoes.

Shelly Belly pretty much killed it in London. Even when channeling Donna Reed. (Mind you, this is my lazy puff piece. I’ll write something with some substance later. Right now I’m engaging in “Michelle Obama in colorful outfits” therapy.) Like with this outfit.

All right, fellas. Who wants to die in too much gorgeous First Lady? Michelle Obama and French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkosy. You know? The one who’s way more interesting that her strange little Rudy Giuliani-like hubby? I thought they both looked gorgeous, but Carla get some bonus points for being a long-time member of the “Professionally Pretty Class” as an actual model and singer.

But what do you think of these two talented, tall women? Carla clearly has the camera awareness shizz down pat. Like she just “accidentally” made that face. Suuuuuuure.

As for this, all I ask fellas is to keep it clean, OK? Seriously. I know the first ladies got dem legs and know how to use them, but … let’s respect the title, shall we?

Michelle enjoys a little nosh with German Chancellor Merkel’s hubby.

Dude. Does any brother in Snobland hold his woman’s hand as much as Barack? Is he worried that Marine is going to go old school “bride stealing” and snatch up his good thang? Anyone? Bueller?

I’ve decided this is my least favorite dress even though it looks good on her. Something just doesn’t seem right, but this next outfit …

First, vuelve del belt negro! Her staple. But the giant bow, almost a napkin tie on the blouse. At first I was all WTF, but the more I looked the more me likey. And does her hair look shiny or what? It was so nice of St. Martin de Porres to loan Michelle the “Flat Iron of God” during the primaries, then let her keep it.

And in Prague Michelle, of course, whipped out “Precious” and “The Widowmakers” just for all the haters out there. Let dem haters hate, Shelly Belly. Flex those guns!

Hubby President you look nice too, even if Michelle totally said you don’t know diddly about clothes.

Stay tuned to later where I actually take the time to get into the news of the day on the trip. The controversies. The celebrations. The petty shizz. The serious stuff. The whole she-bang.

10 thoughts on “Old News: Obamas Go to Europe, Look Great, Snob Too Lazy to Write Anything Meaningful. Will Try Harder Tomorrow. Promise n’ Shizz.

  1. I have seen all these pictures. And I still love them. I’ve went through this post three times, that’s how much I love these pictures. And every single time I’ve smiled like a lunatic. I want to be la femmes Obama and Bruni-Sarkosy one day. Could the pics of them be any better? Where did you get that walking icon? Cute.

  2. Apparently middle-age is where the sexy is at these days. Michelle sure showed those ladies just how to do it.

  3. "A male pal of mine can’t get over how Barack’s fade is always perfectly lined up, therefore he must have some in house barber man."I was in Chicago right after the election and in the newspaper (can’t remember which one is conservative and which one isn’t) there was an interview with his barber. He said he’ll be flying into Washington to cut the President’s hair. They even had a diagram showing the appropriate tools and lengths to get Obama’s haircut.

  4. I was waiting for this post and I wasn’t disappointed. I love Michelle and her style is sick! Even my brother, who is much younger than her, has been checking her out. lol

  5. oh sigh, i simply cannot get enough of them (even through the "over-exposure" the media is trying to sell , their faces plastered on every single magazine stand cover, and any type of sellable product imaginable), i just simply cannot get enoughand I am OVERJOYED that Europe sees the wonder we see in our beautiful first ladyhere is to MIGHT MICHELLE….WOOO HOOOO!!!!

  6. oh you missed my favorite set, the pics of them getting off the plane in prague are to die for. michelle could not possibly have looked any hotter in the sllinky black dress, it’s no surprise that the president looked super excited for his date. and yes, with all the hand holding they do i’m pretty sure he is indeed afraid somene is going to steal his woman when he’s not looking. they are impossibly cute together, it’s also got to be unfair for two people to be so fine.michelle’s hair was beyond fabulous the entire week, when they left DC ast week her hair looked a bit like somene had given her ‘the condi" and i was really sad for her, but thank god her stylist brought out the flat iron magic for subsequent stops; whatever the secret is to hair like that, i want it.loved pretty much all of michelle’s outfits, especially the two thakoon coat & dress looks & the all black dresses. it did seem a bit at the end there that we lost all the lovely color she tends to wear, a lot of black and white outfits (although still fabulous ones). after a week of glorious photos it’s going to be a bit sad to return to the normal slower pace.

  7. oh and that photo of michelle & mr. angela merkel looks like the most awkward lunch meeting ever.

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