Looking for Junior Snobbinistas!

The Black Snob is growing FAST and I’m looking for three intrepid, motivated college students or high school seniors entering college looking for reporting and editing experience. This would not be a fixing me coffee and brushing my hair. You will get assigned stories. You will report. I will coach and edit you. You will learn. You will get fun things to do. You will get an actual beat and by the end of the summer you will learn some of the finer points of internet reporting, reporting ethics, investigative reporting and creative commentary.

Sadly, this is a free internship. The Black Snob is not rolling deep quite yet, BUT all swag I get is your swag and I will reimburse some items for special occasions. I’d also like it if the interns could accompany me to the Blogging While Brown conference this June in Chicago.

Interns would also get to help out with the development of several creative projects I am currently working on and some multimedia enterprises, including a novel, a short story series, a musical, a TV show pilot and several screenplays.

I would prefer if at least one intern is from the bistate, St. Louis/Illinois region. The rest can do their work remotely, but the STL intern will get more assignments by virtue of proximity.

Interested applications should send a cover letter, resume, at least two references and three writing samples to Danielle C. Belton, blacksnob@gmail.com. Applicants with skills in editing, html/css, Flash/animation, layout and design and previous reporting experience will get extra consideration, but I am willing to train a motivated grunt!

All applications are due by May 30!

(If you’re interested in writing contributions, but too old for an internship also send your info and story idea to Danielle C. Belton, blacksnob@gmail.com.)

7 thoughts on “Looking for Junior Snobbinistas!

  1. @ Steph TAre you auditioning for a spot here or do you know someone who’d like to take a crack at taking The Black Snob to the next level … financially?

  2. I’m a motivated College student. This sounds very interest. But no pay!? I’m kidding I’ll think about it.

  3. @ RainaHavockYeah. Financially I’m simply not where I want to be yet, but by next year I hope to offer some kind of scholarship. And I’m sincere in teaching people. I love to mentor and teacher. My mom has tried to get me to be a teacher for years. So you will get some resume building work.

  4. This will be a tough sell.No pay?These kids might as well set up shop on their own and take a crack at it that way.Thanks for the reminder about the Blogging while Brown Chicago event. I should show up and snoop around.And I never knew that MO/IL around St. Louis was known as "bi-state."Mizzou – Columbia is a very good j-school. See if you can get some connect out there.

  5. @ KofiThis may come as a surprise, but most journalism based internships are free because of the nature of the business. Print internships sometimes pay. TV and internet almost never pay. The best paid ones are in PR, but most people don’t want to go into PR. They want to be their favorite reporter. And your first job out of college is like $15,000 to $20,000 a year. I mean, it’s brutal.

  6. $15K – $20K? Why back in my day we were lucky if we made $10K. Oh hell, I’m officially old. Geez.

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