Anchor Versus Anchor: Twitter Edition

Who would you rather watch prattle on about “Tweets?” The delightful, delovely Tamron Hall and her laser perfect haircut or Rick “The Riggle” Sanchez, the “Chief Twit” of CNN who won’t let anyone finish a sentence?

FYI: I’m pretty biased here. Team Laser Haircut!

CNN. I beg of you. Free me of The Riggle Sanchez. Give him back his old night weekend spot that you’re currently wasting poor Don “Never Sour, Always Sweet” Lemon on. It’s not his fault he’s not as cute as TJ. If TJ didn’t exist I would totally be Google Stalking him.

7 thoughts on “Anchor Versus Anchor: Twitter Edition

  1. ok, so no comment about the Twittering (I’m apparently the last trogolodyte who is not on the service) but where’d you get that picture of T. Hall? I need more photos of the aforementioned Laser Cut of Glory for my hairstylist, as I am SO rocking that this summer.

  2. I’m prejudice. I really don’t care what either Twitters. I am not yet seeing the breakthrough of Twitter and I promote the mainstream approach to using tools of open transparency. I guess…it’s because what is most important is still kept secretive and what is exposed is not that secretive. Anywho….Like I said though…I am prejudiced. I love Tamron’s haircut and I covet her flow. I rather not watch her do the daytime news though. I hate the colors of the set design on MSNBC and the news is so repetitious during the day mostly. She seems so cool like a television personality instead of an anchorperson that is limited to offering straight news. You kind of want to hear her start talking about her hair salon experiences when she is quite serious being a professional. And Rick, is just too intense for me. I love his formats and his impulse but his energy is so frenetic that I get tired. He wears me out with his style. I know I am bias. Tamron needs a white, clean set with natural lighting or bleached wood. She is just so cool and projects a cool vibe like a cousin that came down in the summers to tell you about her fabulous life in the big city. Yeah, I am a country girl that had cool cityfied cousins I was mesmerized by of their tales and their beauty in the cities they lived in. That’s who Tamron seems like…the coolest cousin.I can only watch MSNBC in the mornings and that is because of the guests/topics. The colors of the set make my head hurt though. So when I come home in the evenings, I still have the station set on MSNBC. If I arrive at a certain time, I am now watching Ed Shultz crazy-ass with all those awful graphic colors and movement as well. I just can’t take it. CNN has a better set, colors, and calmer graphics that are easier on my eyes in spite of the set being so dark.

  3. Tamrod is so adorably sexy and attractive that it makes me ill to look at her. The one humanizing quality she has is that sonority sister/cheerleader persona. That helps me from pining after her so much. It can be annoying sometimes.

  4. @ miss kateI actually have several pictures of Tamron I can send you. (I collect pictures of anchor people for fun). You’re registered with the site so I have your email. I’ll just send you some.

  5. Chicago gossipers always talk about how she was dating thugs up here.I used to watch her in the morning until she vanished to show up on MSNBC or whatever.She seems cool…

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