Advertisement: Sweet Swag Sale On Most Popular Snobbinista Item!

Get ’em while they’re still cheap! My most popular item, the “I’m Not Stuck Up” tote bag will be on sale for $14.99 for the rest of April. After that it is going up to $19.99. (So will the prices of some of the T-shirts and a few lines will be dropped all together.) Get your own tote and explain to everyone what it really means to be a “Black Snob.”

It’s not about being elitist or mean, bub. It’s about having your shizz together.

And hating BET. Grrrr. BET. Get ’em while I got ’em!

PS. Due to popular demand the “MBA” line has been changed to “degree(s).” Someday when I have more money I will do a special snob line for all snob professions and personalities. For now? You all hate BET and drink chai. All of you.

6 thoughts on “Advertisement: Sweet Swag Sale On Most Popular Snobbinista Item!

  1. But I am getting my BA not a MBA. So close but yet so far. I am still young, this discrimination against the snobby black youth makes me sad.

  2. @ AllI can fix this to "degree" earning. Will be fixed by tonight! Thanks for pointing that out! As for "bourgie" versus "bougie" I think that can be adjusted too.

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