Volver: Starring The Snob As Portrayed by Some Danielle Belton Person

She’s baaaa-aaack! And snobbier than ever!

Yes, I have returned from my sabbatical.

Yes, I have much to say.

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Yes, I am dying to discuss everything from the Obamas in Europa to random TJ Holmes photo updates (with Marliee, ya’ll! I hope she knows how to make peach cobbler, because I got a cobbler so good I still have restraining orders out against my exes. But I digress.)

Yes, I’m going to announce some changes to the site and some of the folks you read over the break may be writing once-a-month features, but this will still largely be a Snob production. For the pouters, look at it this way — more time to write entries for the Secret Council of American Negroes.

Yes (but on the hush, hush), a Democratic Party insider might be joining the blog as a regular commentator to give us the real deal on what’s going on in political land. Very excited! Now, if I could just get a journalist to be my mole? … C’mon CNN’s Chris Lawrence. I make a mean peach cobbler. Tamron! I know you wanna talk to me about what’s going down in the newsroom! And Christina Brown! And Alison Stewart And my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup/Prince of West Memphis, TJ Holmes! Does Rick Sanchez talk like Ron Burgundy all the time? I needs to know these things.

Yes, the Harvard/New York/Washington, D.C. trip is still happening. Apr. 18-19. Yes, I will let you all know th wher’s and whens.

And yes, I will be in New York with Dorothy trying to do the damn thing with this TV pilot that was Dorothy’s brain child that I became the inadvertent midwife, then second mommy to. And yes the show is awesome and full of a diverse cast and yes, it’s mostly black people and it’s a serious familial vs religion vs showbiz drama set in the 1950s and 60s. And yes, IT WILL BE THE SHIZZ if we get a break and get our little footsies in the door. So cross your fingers. More on the TV show later.

Yes, I will tie up the loose ends. That means first finishing the “Cute Little Black Girls Are Everywhere, Stupid” package. I’ve already finished the slide show, but I still need to mail out the permission slips to those who submitted photos by the deadline.

This also means picking the winning picture of the Teege for his Wikipedia page and FINALLY announcing the winners of 2008’s Ed Bradly Award for Journalistic Hotness. Unlike last time where I did one long post, I’m going to break up the winners and do mini profiles.

Yes, I will be such a stan and write about Michelle’s clothes.

I think that’s all for tonight. Thank you to all the die hards who stuck it out. You’re awesome.

(And thank you for the donations! I’m getting ever closer to the make or break stage and I’m two steps from packing up the laptop and moving this operation to D.C. if the trip goes well despite the whole … I’m like, totally impoverished and shizz.)


The Black Snob

13 thoughts on “Volver: Starring The Snob As Portrayed by Some Danielle Belton Person

  1. remember,,my good friend,,,uffner vintage clothing…rents all period clothes…she did cadilac records..i have lots of ny contacts…

  2. Hey, glad to have you back! Although there has been much commentary on it already, looking forward to your thoughts on the Obamas in Europe/Michelle’s wardrobe (that black dress in Paris was LOVE)….and other shizz 🙂

  3. Welcome back Danielle!Your editors did a great job but it wasn’t the same without you!

  4. @ allWow! You guys really DID miss me! My feedburner list went from 245 last night to 1201 this morning! LOL! I missed you all too. You’re my army of fellow nerds who considered moving to the Valley and changing their name to Becky or Brad when the rainbow wasn’t enough.@ devesselAnd the trip is happening. I’ll probably make an announcement on the blog and on FB for a meet-n-greet rather than a show (although I still might try to get a friend of mine to rock the mic). Dorothy and I just have to work through the details. If you’ve got any tips or ideas or know anyone who wants me to make a pit stop while I’m in DC you have my email!

  5. I’m glad you’re back!!! I checked on this site everyday just to make sure I didn’t miss an early return. I really cannot wait to see what you have to say about TJ and the "looks like a definite engagement" ring on Marilee’s finger!!!

  6. I am not trying to be your boss but, I’d like to see full coverage of the Obama Eurpoa trip ASAP. I was a little annoyed last week that I had to search all over the internet to gather bits and pieces from semi-credible sources, as perspective is everything.GET BUSY!!! Glad that your back…Cheers

  7. It’s good that you’re back, Danielle, some people here have been jonesing for more TJ updates. As for me, I rather know how Barack and Michelle stay so much in love. I mean it’s almost 20 years and they act like they just met on a first date. That’s so groovy and amazing.

  8. @ JoyLOL. Maybe we can do a "Greatest Hits and Outfits" and "The Media Should Have Played Ali Larter’s Role in ‘Obsession," with a "Michelle Can’t Win Because Some People Are Just All Sour Patches All the Time" and "Barack Star Barack’s the World, So Big Can Now Snub Spain."We will Freedom taco your ass, Spain!

  9. @AlexisI just caught a clip of the Divine Ms. Michelle in the black evening dress!!!!!!! OMG!!! Just beautiful!!! To see her rock a dress in that fashion……I am awed and inspired!!! Sister-girl is beyond fierce.@ SnobMissed ya and with all your irons in the fire, stay healthy and keep it movin’Peace

  10. Welcome back! You, m’mam are awesome/amazing/fantastic and deserve the best. Hope all goes well on your trip!

  11. Danielle, I missed you, you snobby thing. I am excited about all the changes coming to the site, actually! I also think D.C. will be rocked royally by you with all your snobbery!

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