SCAN Just Says No (For the Fifth Time) To Rev. Al

Name: Alfred Charles Sharpton

Occupation: You fools know who I am, this is the fifth application I’ve filled out. I killed Don Imus. Killed HIM. What the fuck have ya’ll done but get Obama elected? I coulda done that shit if you hadn’t had me and that punk bitch Mitt Romeny with paper sacks on our heads like the fucking “Unknown Comic” or some shit. Ya’ll bogus as hell.

Why do you think you deserve to be a member of this organization: I’m the shit. Have you seen this perm? Fly as hell. And white folks are scared shitless of me. Did I mention I KILLED DON IMUS?

SCAN members are often asked to sacrifice everything for the cause of Negro advancement. How far are you willing to go?: I will go on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, CBS, NBC, ABC, even the fucking BBC. I’ll pull a full Ginsburg for my people in a hot minute!

Click to read the rest at The Secret Council of American Negroes …

6 thoughts on “SCAN Just Says No (For the Fifth Time) To Rev. Al

  1. Snob, a favor.While there’s no pending application for Marion Barry, could we get a declaratory judgement of sorts, forever barring him from any membership in SCAN?

  2. This is so bizarre. I’m always careful about posting, so I’m surprised to see that one of mine didn’t go through. It’s must be the first time it’s happened. It certainly was innocuous. No biggie.

  3. @ DukedravenYour comments are on the full SCAN entry on the SCAN page. This was just the teaser entry and I forgot to close the comments for folks who may get it confused.

  4. Oh, I knew something was wrong because it never happened before. Duh! Thanks for telling me.

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