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“100 Days, 100 Nights,” Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, October 24, 2007 – The horns slide down a chromatic run, all sad and blue. It sounds as if “100 Days, 100 Nights” will be a downer — like the band is going to launch into “The Volga Boat Song” or something. Then in jumps Sharon Jones, queen of retro funk, who was once told that she was too short and too dark-skinned to be a star, but kept on singing anyway. The tempo quickens, and the gut-wrenching force of her voice wipes away the sorrowful intro.

Every time I heard someone talk about President Barack Obama’s First 100 Days and how he was either going too fast or too slow, doing too little or not doing enough, being over-exposed to not transparent, being too specific to too obtuse, being ambitious to being pedestrian I thought of the title to an adolescent novel I read in high school, “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.”

Some would argue that Obama did promise a rose garden of changes on the campaign trail in the soaring rhetoric of his speeches that left so many slack jawed in awe, but every promise and vow was contingent on a system designed for debate and dissent. You can be “the one you are waiting for” but if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t quite take the same “lobbyist = bad” and fewer earmarks pledge you’re going to run up against some ambition opposition.

Dogs bark. Trees grow. Democrats fight. They’ve always fought. That’s why despite the common conservative criticism of the Democrats not living up to their “Democratic” title, they’re actually quite Democratic in you can be completely dismissive of the president even if he’s from your own party and go down fighting and obfuscating the whole way. While Obama promised to bring change to Washington, I don’t recall the Congressional Democrats running on any agenda other than their theme “Stop hurting America! Elect more Democrats!” But while this may surprise some, but I actually PREFER this.

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The Missing Pundits from Danielle Belton on Vimeo.

While at Harvard’s Black Policy Conference I got to chat with Democratic strategist and hot guy Jamal Simmons and asked him if he was still under contract with CNN. He informed me he never was. Then I asked him how he was spending his days and he said he was running his own business and initiatives. Yet very few calls were coming from CNN.

I couldn’t remember the last time I saw Jamal’s handsome baldy up on the CNN. Then I started thinking, “Hey? Where’s Amy Holmes? It’s been a while since she enraged me and made me still want to be her friend and braid her hair?” And then I began to wonder where all my favorite black pundits were. Was there a pundit purge when I wasn’t looking?

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