The J’s that Got Away (Guest Post)

By Luvvie

If shoes were crack, lawd knows I’d need a Platinum Dental PPO to fix the inside of my moufs because I’d be allergic to teefs. My shoe addiction started my senior year of high school, when I started rocking all colors of the Nike Prestos. Well, technically, my shoe addiction started the day I was borned, because I believe it is genetic. My mama is also a shoe head.

A shoe addiction + a senile mind = a heartbroken Luvvie. I am senile as heck, and if my left tit wasn’t attached to my chest, it may come up missing. I’d be a half-cleavage having mofo. What I’m trying to say is that I have lost my share of shoes in my lifetime. Not from my feet growing or nothing (I’ve worn the same size since freshie year of high school). I’ve lost shoes by leaving them places (like the green flats I left at Naija Reunion but didn’t realize i left them until 2 weeks later when I was just unpacking. shaking head)

Anyway, picture it, Chicago, 2000. A young tomboy Luvvie was on the Girl’s Basketball team at Chicago premier’s high school. She rocked Nikes, and like every true hooper side-eye, she didn’t wear the shoes she hooped in outside of the gym. She had never rocked Jordan’s because she didn’t particularly like them, but then she saw these Jumpman Pro Quick shoes and she HAD to have them. Young, broke yet determined Luvvie saved her lunch money for weeks and proudly went to Foot Locker (on State Street, of course), plunked the $75 down and came out with them Jumpman kicks. She stroked them all the way home and got high on the new shoe smell. The next day at bball practice, there was an extra pep in her step. “Yeah I see you seeing me in my new Jumpmen. Don’t be jealous.” Even my airballs had mad swagger.

Sigh I LOVEDED these shoes!

Well on one eventful morning I had my beloved Jumpmen in a plastic bag as I commuted to school. I placed the plastic bag under my seat on the CTA and placed my book bag in front of it. Well, when I exited the bus to transfer to another bus, I walked off with just one bag (my bookbag). I was 15 minutes into my trip on the other bus before I realized the TRAGEDY!

I had left my jumpmen on the bus!!! AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

I think its the first time I ever let strangers see me cry. I wanted to throw myself on the ground of that bus and wail! But I did not. I think I got to my locker and wall slide. I sang many sad love songs on that day. Sigh memories of the good times me and my kicks had together kept playing. I was so traumatized that I even quit the Basketball shortly thereafter (or did I quit because me and the bench were ONE and the same? The permanent groove my ass left on it was pitiful. Eh, my memory’s cloudy. Who keeps track? Moving on…).

So on this here day, I’m remembering all the kicks we don lost before their time!

Realest Talk. I don’t even rock gymshoes like that anymore. I only have about 6 or 7 and they are all Chuck Taylors. But if I were to find these on sale somewhere, I would buy them. For the sneaker heads out there, if you know where I can cop them, do let me know. I’d love you forever and a day and send you a bowl of rice if you find them for me. I wear 5.5 in lil boys. kthnx!

Pouring out a lil Bailey’s for all the lost kicks
Singing “It’s so harrrddd, to say goodbye, to my homies”

Anyone else been traumatized by the loss of some favorite shoes? Or am I the only one?


Luvvie is a blogger from Chicago with a passion for rants. You can catch more of her randomosity at her eCribs Awesomely Luvvie and House of IG. She is also the co-creator of The Red Pump Project, an initiative to raise awareness on the effect of HIV/AIDS on women & girls.


12 thoughts on “The J’s that Got Away (Guest Post)

  1. I don’t remember you being on the team….then again, i never went to a spoting event at WY.*Sigh* Glad those days are over.

  2. Since it took 5 minutes re-reading your first line, trying to get the joke, I kinda lost paitence with the piece. That’s okay because chicks and dudes are definitely wired differently. I can wear the same pair of shoes everyday until the heels become worn. No lady can do that. Keep writing, never let anyone destroy your dreams, believe in yourself no matter what and you will prosper. I’m sure you rather have feedback even if it’s constructive criticism. Peace and love always

  3. Wow….I can’t believe no love was givin on this article. we have all had this happen to us, yet no one seems bothered by it. Maybe I am the only other shoe-loser out there (which i doubt)….or maybe it’s not as common as my friends and I believe.well Luvvie I have felt the loss of leaving shoes on vaca, public transport or in an ex’s spot never to be seen again!! The worse is when u have left shoes across the globe and know for sure you will NEVER see them again (even after the hotel in Curacao promises to send them via mail….damn those were some good sandals, SIGH).The worsest of the worse is when your shoes are not in fact lost….but instead held hostage at someone’s house and you know they are there and this person continues to tell you they will bring ’em over or mail them to you and NOTHING ever comes. I have had one shoe in my possession and one at my sister-in-law’s for over a year….now I know shoes are not everything, but DAMN! for the sake of in-law peace she could send me my shoe…flat rate USPS is only about 4 bucks!Luvvie just know I was feelin yo piece and maybe others would too if they think about it in terms of something they have loved for a lifetime, the way we seem to love our shoes.Ciao Chica! Understanding D

  4. like this one time….I broke a heel on my fave stillettos walking down a cobblestone sidewalk and my shoe people couldn’t fix it.I like totally wanted to cry big boo hoo hoos. I feel you with the shoe love, just not for a sneaker.Chucks are nice.

  5. I’m all about the shoes I didn’t buy and later regretted it, because when I went back to get them, they were GONE! The black suede loafers, some cute mary janes….

  6. And "Don’t regret growing old, it’s a privilege denied to many." One never knows where he’ll wind up.

  7. Still in mourning over the most perfect, adorable and comfortable espadrilles ever to walk the streets of Bakersfield.Back in ’04.Think 4" wedge of a mysterious squishy, shock absorbing material, hemp braided straps, variegated yellow to orange to pink embroidered flowers on the strap by the toes.$20 at Ross. Only 1 pair.Looked great with jeans, looked great with skirts, looked great just sitting on the floor of the closet.And they were the only heels I’ve ever been able to RUN in, which means I could wear them all the time, even to work when I was covering night cops beat in summer in Bako.And then I got a dog with evil tendencies and a sick sense of revenge.

  8. Awesomely Luvvie,I promise, PROMISE, I ain’t stalkin’ you! Imagine my total surprise to get my morning direct feed from The Black Snob via e-mail, see the Guest bloggin’ still going on and then realize … Is this LUVVIE?! Like the one who makes me pee my pants over at IG?!Ah, man, and then she goes an’ rips off on one of my loves, my sneaks! I have sneaks so hip an’ cool I can’t even WEAR them (to old and white) without lookin’ like I’m rockin’ the Malibu’s Most Wanted thing. I’ve had complete strangers say something along the lines of “Don’t usually see guys like you wearing …”And don’t even ask about the running shoe collection! Being an avid runner, I got a pair for, like every type of workout, event distance and more (“Let’s see, these are my fast 5K ones, this here is a pair of 10K’ers, oh, that’s my 9th pair of track workout ones …).If I show up on your doorstep, then you call the Cops …

  9. Luvvie,I lost my first and only pair of Jordans the exact same way. On the buss coming from practice….I was sleep and suddenly awaken right before my stop….woke up and grabbed my books and jumped off the bus, forgetting my shoes.I think that may have started my shoe issues. I get great deals on shoes, I usually purchase two at a time…one to wear a few times and then one to put up.

  10. @ Lite Bread Man I just read your comments, I thought I was the only one that shissues(shoe issues). Man I have a sneaker problem just like you described

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