Danielle’s on Vacation (for real this time)

Hey everyone!  I am Tiffany, Danielle’s longtime friend and site editor.  Danielle is finally taking that much needed vacation!  You know how she says she’s taking a vacation, but then you’ll still get like 100 more posts from her… that’s not happening this time.  She has lined up some awesome guest bloggers in her absence, so keep coming back, keep posting your comments, and don’t forget “Hot Topics” is always open to The Snob’s readers!  Danielle will be back before you know it.


4 thoughts on “Danielle’s on Vacation (for real this time)

  1. omg, no wonder, I was waiting for her to write some awsomely funny post about how CNN’s Ed Henry got slapped down by the president for asking that truly dumb question at his prime time press conference. I really hope one of your guest posters write about it!!!

  2. Tiffany, I don’t know how she was persuaded but I figured something had to give. Even when the snob was on hiatus she always seemed to post a lot. Without balance an egg will crack. Danielle needs a break and we always can respond to guest artists. Take care snob.

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