Open letter to Anthony Anderson (Guest Post)

By Adeshola Blue

Why in the world would a grown man attempt this foolishness?

And you all know good and well he believes he is getting it.

And you know that he looks right proud of himself for doing this played out breakdancing.

Dear Anthony,

I have restrained myself from commenting on your acting, your arrests, and your comedy. I can’t however let this one slide. Why are you breakdancing at a basketball game? Are they not giving you enough attention over at law and order? Does your wife not tell you how wonderful you are? Are you missing your childhood like Micheal Jackson?

Why are you doing this? Is it a cry for help? If so, I apreciate you letting us know you are in need of extra attention. I tell you what, if you would stop making those crazy behind public displays, I will have my students write letters to NBC telling them you need a raise!

I am willing to do anything for the cause. I will only do this if you will stop with the dancing, and attention getting behavior.


Concerned 30+ year old


Adeshola Blue, of Random Thoughts About Pressing Mess, is a thirty something mom and school teacher that enjoys politics, product reviews, poking fun at celebrities crocheting and searching for web freebies.

23 thoughts on “Open letter to Anthony Anderson (Guest Post)

  1. C’mon everybody know Anthony is crazy and frankly I am impressed that a man his age and size can stand on his head so he got my vote.

  2. Lighten up. Cut the guy some slack, Jack. He’s only having a little fun. If it’s not drug and alcohol induced, what harm is in it? Have fun, Anthony, and remember you’re only as old as you feel.

  3. I can’t lie- I’m semi impressed, he’s got to be a master of physics to balance himself on his head like that. Great post though, he really could have saved the break dancing for another time 🙂

  4. The only thing that might top this is Janet Jackson filming another video doing Rythmn Nation moves…getting out my skates…Rock, Roll, Bounce!

  5. Aw, I was there and it was all in good fun. It was during the Old School Dance contest, where the cameras usually pan the audience for people doing the best old school dances. He wasn’t dancing at first, but when the camera got to him, he put on a show. The audience loved it.

  6. Based on Ronnie’s comments, some people were a little too quick to judge. I guess one should never ASS-U-ME because you know what it does.

  7. You know, some of y’all are taking this "letter to a celebrity" awfully seriously–while at the same time telling her to "ahem" lighten up. Now, I’m not telling you how you should or not feel about the letter, I"m just saying "Pot, meet kettle."

  8. VCat, hardy har, har, har. If you don’t sense any jest to what I’m saying, then you’re taking it way too seriously. I know you were saving that "pot meets kettle" line, but use it for something more appropriate next time.

  9. Wow, that’s pretty good for a guy his size, I would have thought his neck would have given out under the weight. I hope there is video of this.

  10. Mike Epps, Anthony Anderson, Tracey Morgan, Katt Williams, DL Hughley are 21st Century Minstrels…so what do you expect!

  11. I just think he should be at a point where he is not cutting up in public all the time…… And you are correct he could have really injured himself.

  12. he makes me laugh on sight.. i love him…i know i could not do what he did at any given time of the day…he gets my dap for that head spin…he has ‘mad skillz’ as the kids say…funny as hell..

  13. Sometimes silliness is just silliness. I’ve seen unknown people do far worse for a free steak coupon or a t-shirt during the break in the action at a basketball game.Now why he gotta be a minstrel?! If that were Robin Williams or Stephen Colbert would you be mad about it? Haven’t you seen the crowd during March Madness? People- it was a basketball game! Now if he were attending a Kennedy Center performance, that would be different.Sometimes I wonder how much our own biases contribute to the perspective that we are not free to be who we are.10.0 on the head spin.

  14. Hello, I didn’t know Anthony was so agile. :-)Moving on to another brother, someone called Cobb, with his website (see link below) that has confused the hell out of me with its nuances, innuendos, intelligent chatter, political gibberish and facts that I don’t know whether to believe or not. Could someone go over there read the blog and tell me what its all about and what I’m supposed to get from it? I don’t know what the hell is going on. It seems to me that this man is not from a ghetto and has a good education, but I am confused by his language and attitude — I can’t seem to wrap my head around what he is talking about… is he serious or being sarcastic?

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