Things The Snob Is Tired Of (But Doesn’t Understand Well Enough To Go Into Detail About)

1) AIG bonus rage.

From my friend Professor Herm who tied the rage to a very “rodent-like” New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo:

This AIG bonus debacle seems like a “staged” opportunity for Andrew Cuomo to generate headlines in advance of the 2010 gubernatorial race. No other explanation makes sense. Sure, the bonuses are outrageous, but so are the bonuses at Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley. They all received government protection in some form or another; but Cuomo hasn’t rubbed salt in their wounds. Why did he single out AIG? I think Cuomo borrowed a page from the Bill Clinton playbook. When asked by Dan Rather why he engaged in inappropriate relations with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton replied “I did it … because I could.” Oy vey!

I understand people are outraged, but … I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Papa Snob worked for a big defense contractor his whole career and understands how the executive game is played (even though he was a manager, not an exec., his bosses were the one’s livin’ the high life). I’ve been influenced by his attitude of, “What is the point in this? The government can’t bust in and break people’s contracts! I wonder how Rick Sanchez would feel if CNN broke his contract with him!

Mind you, he was yelling at Rick Sanchez while Rick Sanchez was yelling about AIG bonuses and my father is very, very anti-Rick Sanchez.

Which brings us to …

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TJ gives The Snob a helping hand here with her “Ack! Not Rick Sanchez” problem. (Image from media blog Soup Cans)

2) Rick Sanchez talking about his “Twitter board.”

I’m on Twitter. When I first joined, I used it a lot more, but found myself gravitating back to Facebook, which I enjoy more because it’s like my other Web page away from The Snob blog. I simply didn’t think my life was interesting enough to warrant regular updates. That, and I’m lazy. I belong to a lot of social networking sites. Even Plurk, which I haven’t touched in ages. And even though sites like HelloTxt let me update everything at once, I still barely use the service.

Image from blog, Soup CansThat said, Rick Sanchez is killing Twitter for me. If I have to hear any more about his “Twitter King” status or how he’s the “Chief Twit” at CNN, I am going to personally drive to Atlanta and break his laptop. If I want personal opinions from people, I have Twitter, Facebook, Gawker, TV pundits, hacks, tons of other blogs and all of the internet to gorge on. I turn on the stupid CNN to get the stupid news! Report NEWS, dammit! Not “tweets!”

A matter of fact, I’m this close to starting a “News, Not Tweets” movement. With T-shirts and everything. I don’t know why CNN feels this need to cool hunt every hot new techie trend, hence forcing many other cable news networks to pretend to give a shit about said trend. The level of condensation towards Tweets on MSNBC and FOX News is borderline hostile wrapped in a terse grin of “They’re making me do this.”

Just stop with the Twitter! Just STOP!

That said, while I’m not always bemused by the histrionics of the folks at News Busters (or any of the more partisan news sites due to an overall lack of self-awareness and sense of humor), I do enjoy that they seem to have it out for Rick Sanchez. They largely think he’s some sort of “Manchurian Newscaster” for the other side. (If he is, I’d suggest that the Dems aim higher next time.) Rick really brings out the best in their unrepentant snarkiness as they made a buffet out of CNN’s Susan Roesgen calling Sanchez CNN’s “Chief Twit.”

Now CNN Newsroom anchor Rick Sanchez has an ego that’s almost as big as Barack Obama’s ears. He’s particularly proud of integrating social media such as Twitter and Facebook on his program. His CNN blog features entries modestly claiming “Who’s the TWITTER KING? C’mon…you have to ask?” and “But we know who started it (using social media) all, right?”

NewsBuster Ken Shepherd took note last month when CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen told Sanchez: “you’re CNN’s chief twit.” Sanchez thanked her for “the compliment” and then said, “Good Lord.”

I realize the Twitter must be doing SOMETHING for CNN, otherwise they wouldn’t be pimping it and Sanchez so hard. But I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like it and get it and I’m within the demo target CNN is going for with this stuff.

But then, I’m also a former print journalist, which probably means I’m archaic in my thinking (complaining about “young folks” when I qualify as a “young folk”) and that if it doesn’t get newsprint ink on your hands it’s probably not real news. I probably also own a rotary phone out of “irony” and all my Prince records are on vinyl. (And both those things happen to be kind of true.)

So, I’ll just be uncool and not get this whole alleged popularity of the man I lovingly call The Riggle Sanchez and his “tweets.” Maybe it’s me (considering CNN actually has Sanchez “wallpaper” for your computer, but none I can find of any of my CNN favs). It wouldn’t be the first time it was just me on something. I also hate Taye Diggs for no tangible reason. And Lil Wayne. And hot pickles. And Leggings worn instead of pants. And when people apologize on the behalf of other people, not out of kindness, but out of wanting to make the person who refuses to apologize look like a douche, making their apology on the behalf of the other’s lack of apology really all about the faux apologizer and their gigantic ego about 90 percent of the time.*

*And yes. I’m referring to Keith Olbermann every time he apologizes for Bill O’Reilly. Please. Your mocking of Bill is sometimes funny. The ratings pissing contests between you both gets a little tedious because I honestly don’t give a shit. But the apologizing? Please, stick with the sarcasm and comedy. If these people were the victims of R. Kelly pissing on them you would not be apologizing on the behalf of R. Kelly’s “little Kelly.” Because you aren’t boxing with Kelly over the 18-to-24.

12 thoughts on “Things The Snob Is Tired Of (But Doesn’t Understand Well Enough To Go Into Detail About)

  1. I completely agree with you on the AIG (sometimes faux) outrage. I understand it, and I have to admit that I enjoy hearing people getting all riled up while talking about it, but, honestly, when I heard about it, I wasn’t surprised in the least. It was the same way when I heard about the auto execs flying into DC on tricked out corporate jets or Mr. Pandit and the $10M renovation at Citigroup. That’s how they are. I don’t believe you can get to be the head honcho (or among the head honchos) at these companies without having an astronomically inflated sense of self. They stopped caring about what we "peasants" think of what they do a long time ago. I guess I’m just cynical like that, which is a shame, because I’m way too young for that.

  2. As a college student, I think I fit into their target age demographic, and I’ve stopped using twitter because of this nonsense. More precisely, I stopped using twitter when Karl Rove got on there. Sanchez made it ridiculous, but it was Rove who truly made twitter jump the shark for me.

  3. Phew, I don’t understand why Sanchez gets so much ink. His show isn’t that interesting or newsworthy. Maybe it was just an excuse for you to run another photo of your golden calf (TJ), Danielle. BTW, since I didn’t hear about the bonuses at the other banks, I’m assuming they weren’t as large or given right after the bailouts. Frankly, I don’t care if Cuomo’s being political. AIG should give back that money now, regardless of what was done in the past.

  4. Rick Sanchez is a drama king, but nothing too bad. He isn’t the worst, yet he isn’t the best. I am so sick of hearing about AIG. ENOUGH. I shouldn’t be talking though, Im not even a taxpayer yet.

  5. Whenever I see Taye Diggs on Private Practice I think to myself, "Why does Danielle hate him so much?" 🙂

  6. I’m in somewhat of a stephen colbert space about AIG.. sharpen the pitchforks and let’s get back what most of us (and our parents) lost in retirement.I am grateful to know that activists actually visited them and held them accountable. I don’t wish anyone harm, I do have a problem with so much talk, and very little action.. But I am at the point where I believe as wonderful as Obama and his wife are there are some things we as people are going to do for ourselves. It’s beyond obvious that our government, the corporations that run it, and the media aren’t really out for our best interests. Why continue to buy into the shenanigans? Screwing the taxpayer is business as usual and has been forever (at least since we had the Fed control our money) why are we all shocked and still buying into the idea that government will really do something for us and that the banks are really our friends?

  7. I love your blog immensely, and this is the first time I’ve posted a comment.I hate that I may sound critical, but it’s not meant negatively at all. Where you use the word "condensation" talking about how MSNBC and FOX feel towards Twitter, I think you meant to use "condescension."I’m a word nerd, and just thought you’d like to know. Thanks!

  8. @ ChantellAh, the foibles of spell check. Sometimes you get the wrong word. Thanks for pointing out the malapropism. I shall fix it.

  9. Rick Sanchez has been a mess since he was at WSVN 7 in Miami. I’ve been watching him since I was a little girl and there was no better day than when he left. (until I realized he was on a much larger stage @ CNN). He is one of those old school Miami Cuban Republicans that spent most of the early 90s on American tv talking to everyone about why we should do something about their problem. Half of the time it was in their language which made it 10xs more offensive. Thankfully that attitude has died down a lot since I was small, but it still exists to some degree. They think Obama is the devil, all Dems are just "like Castro". Take your politics back to your country and leave us to ours.

  10. Just a little while ago I was talking about this AIG mess with an elderly Jamaican friend. He explained to me that in Jamaica, people would be out ‘mashing up the cars’ in anger about some fatcats getting bonuses for destroying the economy. It really made me start to think about all the things that supposedly make this country great, are exactly what’s destroying it. We are (supposedly) a nation of laws and Danielle, like you said the gov’t. can’t start breaking contracts-imagine what kind of precedent (sp) that would be. But crooks have the law on their side in this country, and everyone knows it. And why is it that my severance package can be taxed extra heavily, but a freakin multi million dollar bonus is off limits to the government? Much more of this and I will feel like mashin up some cars myself.

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