Day: March 23, 2009

1) AIG bonus rage.

From my friend Professor Herm who tied the rage to a very “rodent-like” New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo:

This AIG bonus debacle seems like a “staged” opportunity for Andrew Cuomo to generate headlines in advance of the 2010 gubernatorial race. No other explanation makes sense. Sure, the bonuses are outrageous, but so are the bonuses at Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley. They all received government protection in some form or another; but Cuomo hasn’t rubbed salt in their wounds. Why did he single out AIG? I think Cuomo borrowed a page from the Bill Clinton playbook. When asked by Dan Rather why he engaged in inappropriate relations with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton replied “I did it … because I could.” Oy vey!

I understand people are outraged, but … I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Papa Snob worked for a big defense contractor his whole career and understands how the executive game is played (even though he was a manager, not an exec., his bosses were the one’s livin’ the high life). I’ve been influenced by his attitude of, “What is the point in this? The government can’t bust in and break people’s contracts! I wonder how Rick Sanchez would feel if CNN broke his contract with him!

Mind you, he was yelling at Rick Sanchez while Rick Sanchez was yelling about AIG bonuses and my father is very, very anti-Rick Sanchez.

Which brings us to …

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