Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Everybody Loves the Teege

When you’re a lover of good looking folk with teleprompter reading skills, who have the ability to stand out in bad weather conditions and bring you the news while still looking tantalizing, even in a plastic red parka, TJ Holmes, the Prince of West Memphis, is the fine Chianti of professional news talking.

But this also means that you are not alone in your love. Nope. You must SHARE TJ. Of course, I don’t mind sharing him with you all, my readers, other blogger-fans or the many, many, MANY blogs penned by The Gays who are also HUGE TJ aficionados.

For instance, the folks at MALE have learned that TJ is a fan of cats.

(More after the jump.)

So after the piece this morning, the camera come back to Betty and T.J. with this tiny tiger stripe grey kitten. The way T.J. held the thing and interacted with it, spoke volumes. He was perfectly comfortable in his masculinity, to show warmth, compassion, and nurture to the homeless feline. Such a nice thing to see. Not be ignorant, by I know waaaaay too many black men who wouldn’t soften to a cat for all the ducets in the US Mint. Dogs? Yes. Cats? Hell to the no!

Ian’s point: More men need to take a lesson from T.J. Holmes on how to treat, love, and respect our little furry fuzzballs.

Nice work boys, but to my endless annoyance, writer Ian provides NO LINK to this alleged “TJ holding cat on TV” video clip! The Snob is a cat lover. I own a delightfully crabby, ridiculous cat named Shaggy. I’m a fan of I Can Haz Cheeseburger’s LOLcats. Don’t tease me with a TJ holding a stray cat story if you can’t produce me a picture of TJ HOLDING a stray cat! You teases!

Snob can haz TJ holding kitteh? DENIED!

The only thing that would have made my day more than seeing TJ play Orpheus to the cats of the world is TJ holding a baby. Or TJ in a SWAT uniform. Or breakdancing. Or performing “Roxanne, Roxanne (I Wanna Be Your Man).”

I’m a woman of many diverse tastes.

If you’ve got a still or a link or a clip of this alleged TJ-holding-cat thingy, please do share!

That aside, we all obviously have one thing in common when it comes to loving the Teege — we have incredibly good taste in CNN news anchors. Lazy people are still going gaa-gaa over Anderson Cooper but the real deal know it’s all about the Teege in the Oh-Nine!

With that said, do you like your fine wine to come TJ adjacent? If so, did you go to that $100 a ticket International Society of Africans In Wine party that TJ hosted on Friday? Because we are DYING to hear whatever you have to say. No detail is too mundane. You might think you’re boring us with the supersilicious and banal, but I promise you … you are not. It was at the Atlanta History Center and if I’d known about it sooner I would have put out a Google Stalking APB to let my Atlanta Snobs/TJ-Lovers know that if they had $100 to blow and like fine wine, here was their chance to make themselves available for me to live vicariously through.

I’ll take pictures, anecdotes, anything. Was he there with that lovely woman who is … ahem … NOT ME? It’s OK. I can take it if he was, because … they’re a really grand and gorgeous couple. And I’m all kinds HAPPY for their HAPPINESS!

What’s that? Oh, that noise in the background? Don’t mind, Vesta. She’s just airing out the silver pipes.

26 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Everybody Loves the Teege

  1. Oy Vey! TJ, call her, Puleeze! She’s got the disease that strikes 8 out of every 10 black women: Playeritis

  2. Oh man why do you give this dude so much attention? (ok I know why but day-um). When I think of max Robinson, Bernie Shaw, Ed Bradley I have to cry when I think our new gold standard is TJ…

  3. @ dukedraven and chrisThe Teege is here for the ladies (and gay dudes) who read this blog. He’s like the mascot or a recurring character. Just like how I write a lot about Michelle Obama and Terrence Howard. Non-TJ lovers should just ignore the posts as they have existed since the very beginnings of this blog and wait until the next non-TJ realated post rolls around (as it always does).And I love Ed Bradley and was devastated when he suddenly died. I just think TJ is cute. That’s all. And since he doesn’t have an official fan page of any kind, I’m doing my part as a public service to other TJ fans.

  4. I guess eveybody needs a golden calf. I just hope this doesn’t end like the Selena story, that’s all. Peace and love always

  5. @ dukedravenI wouldn’t worry about that (from me at least). All these posts are tongue-in-cheek. I get a good laugh out of it. (And I hope someone else does too.)

  6. Snob, don’t pay any attention to those who chose to hate us TJ lovers. Those of us who follow this site know our TJ love is all fun and games. TJ should definitely think about changing his name to LL Cool TJ because the ladies (and apparently some men) love his style!!!!!

  7. I am so glad to have discovered this site. It sucks being a TJ lover in college because i can no longer get my weekend fix. My laptop is all i have. I almost forget how goodlooking he is. And to the people who wanna rain on my parade by noting the TJ isnt exactly a pulitizeer price winner or Ed Bradley. Screw off! lol. no one ever said he was, so let me enjoy this fine piece of man candy in peace. That’s all i ask and GOOOOOO TEEEGE!

  8. I’m all for cuteness but I’m SICK of you and this gay guy. You know he’s gay and you don’t have a chance right???? LOL!!! Okay, I’m done teasing. Have your fun!!!

  9. Quick question, what is it about TJ that sets of your GAYDAR. I mean i have a pretty good one too but i never got that inkling from him. Is it because he doesnt subscribe to the distorted standards of hypermasculinity that ALOT of black women have? or is it something else? Just asking!

  10. I have a friend who went to the Africans in Wine event that TJ emceed. TJ was there with his sister and with Marilee, who is indeed his fiancee.

  11. @ Mimi & Honee BeeSee? I knew my fellow TJ lovers would back me up! Thank you! The world is a messed up place. Sometimes you need to stop and look at some pictures of TJ reading the news and go, "Hey. Life’s not that bad!" Or you need to laugh at me writing about TJ reading the news. I will CONVERT the non-TJ lovers into TJ lovers based on the power of my prose! I have converted before! I will convert again!As for the menfolk, this is expected. The blog tends to be somewhat gender neutral with a female perspective on things, then TJ shows up and I’m a big ol’ girl. @ MimiI think Nona’s just joshing us. Anyone who’s read this blog for any length of time knows I use any excuse possible to post a picture of TJ and go "aaawwww" for about 15 minutes. @ AnonymousC’mon. Your sister got a TJ anecdote here? Remember! No detail is too small! What color tie was he wearing? Does Marilee have fat engagement ring? INFORMATION, people! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!

  12. Snob:Please keep posting all things TJ Holmes. Some of us are unashamed stans. The man has me putting the news on my DVR and waking up at 6am on Saturdays! MsNegro

  13. Aww how nice about the kitteh luv. I think though the comment about it being rare for black men to publicly be nice to the little kitties expands to ALL men! You have no idea how many guys I know of all races who roar at me "I HATE CATS!!!!" when I mention my furry one!! Oh and Snob, you done me wrong!! I saw August Rush this weekend on cable and Lordy Lord, every time Terrance Howard came on screen I giggled and thought, Senõr Babywipes, Senõr Babywipes" I loved the movie and it really hit home but I just couldn’t stop giggling over TH!! Dang gal 🙂

  14. @ Lisa JThere is a sort of anti-cat bias that exists among men. I dated a guy once who hated cats, but then loved my cat once he met him. So really, it was about the "stigma" cats have, rather than an actual cat. And I’m glad to know that Senõr Babywipes is sticking. I’m challenging YBF/Bossip/Crunk & Disorderly/Nicole Bitches/Invisible Woman’s use of "Slickback Ivanhoe" for Terrence Howard’s official nickname.

  15. anonymous, what’s the word on the time of the nuptials? I know you probably won’t give exact dates…but are we looking at sometime this year…spring, summer, fall…tomorrow maybe? Can you give us that much? I

  16. As a Black journalist I can safely say T.J. Holmes will NEVER replace Ed Bradley. Blasphemy.But he IS a fine brother. Saw him in person a few years ago. A little on the lanky side. But still fine. TJ with cat doesn’t turn me on, however (I hate cats). TJ with a puppy? SOLD.

  17. Yes Mimi, I was just teasing the Snob. Truth be told apart from her adoring comments and photos, I know nothing about the guy. I know she really likes him though and I wanted to mess with her a little. Not in a mean way though. I was just being naughty!!!

  18. Loutelious Ann Holmes Jr.of West Memphis Arkansas, better known as TJ or Telious Jr. google the name you will find info of his dad etc plus him(look at pics) sister is Letitia holmes also on Facebook they are like twins. In college we called him Lou so idk why he is using tj but.. if you look at his facebook page you will see where old friends mistakenly call him by his government hope that helps ladies..enjoy!!

  19. LOUTELIOUS???!!! OMG!! No wonder he goes by TJ. But it doesn’t matter, his good looks trump his country-ass government name!!! 🙂

  20. i burst out laughing. holy crap LOUTELUIS, no wonder he doesnt advertise it . oh and isnt Ann’ usually a girls name?I wonder if he’ll name his son cornelius. that’s another moniker that just tickles me! LOL

  21. Loutelious, oh the horror!!!Still love him though, probably more than the black snob herself. lol.

  22. Even if TJ was gay it would not take away from the man’s fineness. Like Rupert Everett I would still be perfectly content to sit on the side of the tub and watch him soak. Mmmm. Ok not content but I’d take what I could get.

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