Hot Topics: Kanye, Love CNN Style, Crooked Cops and Some “Theatre”

Ah, Hot Topics! You know you wanna know!

If you’re in DC and you like a good piece of relevant satire, check out Nia Orms’ “Please Take A Number.” Faithful Snob reader Dot has all the info. (Full disclosure: Faithful reader Dot is totally the one planning my upcoming East coast trip to Washington, D.C. and is the producer of a TV show we’re both trying to develop. I wish I could go to Nia’s show, which tackles — quite humorously — the very relevant stories of many different women standing in a welfare line, but I’m about 2,000 miles too far away. Please go and have a good time for me.)

My favorite “diva” Kanye West got hit with some misdemeanors for making that pap’s camera go all “smashy-smashy.”

There’s love a brewin’ at CNN and it’s not just me and my sweet, sweet Prince of West Memphis.

If you’re in east Texas you might want to avoid the long, sticky arm of the law in Tenaha. They seem to be more interested in breaking the law by jacking folks for their cash, jewels and cars than actually fighting crime. They’re doubly interested in you if you happen to be black (or with a black person). And they will threaten to take your kids if you don’t pay up as one couple learned. One eagle-eyed reader pointed out that the sticky cops in question may be black themselves, which, of course, doesn’t make the story any better! Crooked cops of any color are bad and harm the reputation of good cops who are just trying to do their job! Thanks a lot, jerks! Hope the ACLU sues the shit out of you!

4 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Kanye, Love CNN Style, Crooked Cops and Some “Theatre”

  1. Congratulations, Danielle and Dot! I am so happy for the two of you…building…trusting…envisioning. Now this is change I can believe in. I want to say more but I have to eat and get ready for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. They might cancel my show if the ratings don’t improve. I read that last week there was a surge but there are so interesting movies starting today so people may not be home to watch. Bummer!Did you see the show, King, Sunday night? It was good! I’m panting for The Philanthropist because of the concept (radical activism which is dear to my heart) about a rich man doing wild, altruistic things around the world in a Jason Bourne type of way. Also I pant for James Purefoy in anything.

  2. Ha!You called Kanye a Diva…funny, and yes very honest description. I wish I were in D.C. or even close to checkout that play you mentioned. With the setting being a welfare line I could only imagine the dialogue. Sounds like it could be quite hilarious. Oh and shit’s jacked up in Texas. I’m noe convinced after reading that story. Seems like there’s always something racially motivated in the Lonestar State. Hell, I thought we were past all of that in this now "post-racial" society of ours.

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